2600 Meeting, August 1999

August 1999: 2600 Meeting. Okay, I know everyone was really worried about this so I’m about to set everyone’s minds at ease – Fazoli’s employees WILL give you breadstick refills again. In fact I think I was the only one to actually purchase breadsticks during this meeting and everyone else just mooched off of my free refill wrappers. Okay now that that’s out of the way –

The meeting was your ordinary meeting so I don’t even know why I update this anymore. Fade was SUPPOSED to be there to show me neat-o stuff to do with all the radio equipment I brought with me but he didn’t show up. A few guys showed up for the meeting who had never been there before and Phusion pissed them off so they muttered, “What a bunch of fags!” and started their own meeting at another table for the rest of the night. It’s like being in grade school all over again! Those people also decided to hand out literature that said, “Don’t Free Kevin, he’s a dumbass” or something like that and the security assumed it was us and came over to lecture us about distributing material in the mall. Fortunately they believed us when we told them that it was the OTHER 2600 group (dubbed 2601 by 2600’s attendees).

One other thing that was REALLY interesting in my opinion was that just a few minutes before I left the mall I turned on my scanner and heard a lady talking to a guy on walkie talkies. The part I caught was, “they’re still sitting around the table and they have a bunch of high-tech equipment with them.” Then a guy replied something that I couldn’t hear as I saw a security guard walking out from the back area near the restrooms looking at us. After that the frequency was silent and I didn’t hear anymore and the guard just passed us giving us the usual curious stare. The weird part was that it was on a frequency like 151.xxx or 121.xxx (I don’t remember exactly) which is not the mall’s listed security frequencies.

So apparently they’re using other frequencies that we don’t yet know about. As I was leaving the mall in my car I heard one of the department stores on a similar (or the same?) frequency asking an employee to go in the back room and get some racks. So maybe it was just a lady from a department store passing through the food court and commenting about us? Whatever the case, I’ll be monitoring a certain frequency range for most of the next meeting…

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