2600 Meeting, March 2000

Friday, March 3rd, 2000: 2600 Meeting. I was out of town for March’s meeting but I just happened to be in Chicago for my sister-in-law’s graduation so I picked up my long-time friend iamone and we attended the downtown Chicago 2600 meeting. Actually I attended about 15 minutes of it. Because it took such a long time to get there and I had to be somewhere else by 8pm and wasn’t able to stay too long so it was all rather pointless. But to my surprise, PhusionBYTE showed up there. And when I asked if this was the 2600 meeting he started insulting me so we ran outside in tears. Next month we’re going to show up there and bring a gang of tough guys with us – hey I know we’ll bring the BOWLING TEAM! Yeah, and we’ll make their whole meeting feel really dumb and they’ll be sorry. This will be great.

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