Waffle House

Friday, June 2nd, 2000: 2600 Meeting. Fade’s last meeting here! Yep, fade is taking a new job far far away and won’t ever be back to see us. He’ll be missed! I actually spotted fade on I-170 while driving to the meeting so I tail-gated him all the way to his parking space at the mall. I brought 2 large bags of magazines and a backpack full of cookies which were Colleen Card’s going away present for fade. The cookies turned out to be a 7.5 on Spud‘s Chocolate Chip Cookie Scale which I’m told is a hard rating to come by. Nobody liked my magazines and they all got thrown away after I left. Bastards!

Hmmmm, what else… Oh yeah, Black Sun was too chicken to get Fazoli breadstick refills today because he’s intimidated by the manager there so I called the manager and tried to get him to leave his position there but he was just too smart for us. Either that or he didn’t want to leave his trainee in charge of things while he was gone. Someday we’ll get corporate sponsorship from Fazoli’s and that guy will be sorry. Or something.

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