2600 Meeting, November 2000

Friday, November 3rd, 2000: 2600 Meeting. There’s really not much to write about but I’m going to write anyway so Pyrotech will quit ICQing me and yelling at me for not updating this page. I brought EvilCal with me tonight and he videotaped everybody at the meeting, hoping we could sell the video to the feds we’re working for. Hi Agent Campbell!@#$% (GREETZ) Something crazy happened with my cell phone – SOMEHOW a bunch of tech support calls for some ISP in the NW got forwarded to my number. I can’t imagine how it happened, phones are just crazy things I guess. So we spent the first hour of the meeting handing the phone around and letting everyone “help” customers with their internet connections. Some famous quotes were:

  • “I think I see the problem – there’s a loose nut behind the keyboard.”
  • “Yeah one of our employees was drinking and he spilt his beer in the mail server.”
  • “I just looked in the mail server and there’s rats crawling around in there chewing on wires!”
  • “You’re having mail problems? Well try dating females then!”
  • You can’t send email to AOL? That’s because we’re pissed at AOL and blocked all mail to them. Sure it’s an inconvenience to you but I don’t care!”

Apparently there were a lot of mail server problems that night so we got a lot of mail related problems. We were very glad that our meeting could help take the strain off the people who usually answer the phones at that ISP. 2600 is here to help! While all this was going on, Spuds was talking to a reporter from the Riverfront Times who was doing a story on hackers. The reporter was oblivious to what was going on right behind him. Even better was when a phone company guy called my phone (oh the irony, a phone company investigator calling a 2600 meeting) asking why I was taking ISP calls. Oh yeah, Black Sun got breadstick refills. He’s cool!

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