January 2001 2600 Meeting

Friday, January 5th, 2001: 2600 Meeting. I can’t believe the phone company, they screwed up the lines again! This time they managed to forwarded all of a movie theater’s recording line phone calls to PhusionBYTE’s cell phone. You’d almost think that we were somehow planning this out. But we’re not okay? Oh no, we didn’t have anything to do with it! It’s just weird, the phone company keeps forwarding random business phone lines to random cell phone users at each 2600 meeting. So we felt it our civic duty to help the customers who called in for the next hour and a half.

  • “Yes, we’re playing Dude, Where’s my Vampire 2000, Police Academy, Police Academy 2, Police Academy 3, Police Academy 4…”
  • “Tonight we’re required by state law to tell our customers about a little problem with the popcorn….”
  • “What Women Want is really kind of stupid. How about you see Dude Where’s my Car instead? Well I don’t want to tell you the times to What Women Want because it’s a bad movie. Look we have 5 other movies here and I don’t think you should see that one okay?”
  • “Thank you for calling ….. Cinema where tonight is free Milk Duds for everyone. Can I help you?”
  • “You need to know the showtimes? Don’t you have a paper? They’re in the paper. No? Well do you have internet access? You can get them from www.yahoo.com instead. No? Well is there a convenience store nearby? You can go buy a paper for just 50 cents. ”
  • (to cute sounding girl) “I’m the assistance manager and I’m running the whole show tonight. So I tell you what – you come to the movie and bring a few of your friends and I’ll let you in for free and I’ll get you free popcorn and I’ll get some alcohol and we can all sit together.”
  • “So are you coming to the show tonight? You are? Well stay away from the JooJoo Beads.”
  • “No this isn’t the theater, this is the fire department. Look man, you better quit prank calling the fire department because this is a serious offense. Bullshit, you called here on purpose. You’re too old to be making these prank calls. Maybe I WILL call the police on you!”

Earlier this week the Riverfront Times did an article on Spuds and the 2600 meetings which you can view by clicking here. We were hoping that this would greatly increase attendance but it didn’t do a whole lot this month. There was ONE guy who showed up because of the article. We still had a pretty good turnout this month, probably 30 people or so. Bumr kept making fun of me and throwing things in my hair. I went and told the security guard on him so he had to stop. But then he kept staring at me and told me I couldn’t sit with them because that was the cool peoples’ table so I had to sit by all the Highland retards. That sucked.

I don’t know this guy’s name. So why am I putting his picture up here? “I’m sorry that employee was rude to you ma’am. When you get to the theater ask for the manager and I’ll give you 5 free tickets.”
Here’s the bag I ate breadsticks in at the meeting. Cool, eh? This is machine stuffing his face.
That’s Spuds in the background. He’s going to be a moviestar someday and he’ll think he’s too good for us. This is PhusionBYTE adjusting himself.
This is Pyrotech and bracket hacking the planet. Click for a different view. PhusionBYTE generously answering phone calls for a local movie theater.

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