Pagan Picnic 2001

Here’s some pictures from the 2001 Pagan Picnic in St. Louis Forest Park. (Note, I don’t know exactly what day this picnic was on, so I’m pretending that I’m certain it was on June 15th.) They’re mostly from the play area since that’s where I spent a lot of my picture taking time that day, while Colleen & friends wandered around the events. At some point, these 3 drunk guys sat down on a bench by the park and cheered on my kids as they played. They were laughing and yelling as if the kids were the greatest entertainment ever. They also thought my digital camera was the coolest thing they’d ever seen and posed for a few pictures for me, just so they could see themselves on the screen. Here are the pictures…

Emily pushing Payton around the park Emily and Adelena jumping – this one kind of looks like Emily is flying Emily and Adelena, taking a break More jumping – you can see the happy spectators in this one
Spectators posing for me – note all the alcohol around them These are the happiest 2 men in St. Louis Payton – the drunk guys told me he looks like baby Popeye

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