Kids – January 2003

Thursday, 1-2-2003: Had both kids home today. Last night we got about 6 or 7 inches of snow. Worked for about half the day, then took them out to play in the snow and we wenting sled riding at Vanpreter Park. Ryan came with us.

ryan and emily carry their sled back up the hill
preparing for another trip down the hill
Payton heading for the playground

Sunday, 1-12-2003: Took the kids to see Treasure Planet at Cottonwood Mall.

Tuesday, 1-14-2003: Worked all day, then went to Kim’s and spent the night.

Wednesday, 1-15-2003: Left Kim’s at 6:30am and came home to work. Worked until 1pm and then went with Richard P. to Best Buy to get a laptop for him. He got a cool laptop, I got more memory for my laptop and a wireless USB connector. Tried out the wireless connection from Tom’s house and it works great.

Thursday, 1-23-2003: Me and Amy went to Applebees to eat. Then we ordered a bunch of pizzas to her boyfriends house and then sat in the car on his street and watched them deliver them. We need to grow up.

Monday, 1-27-2003: Colleen got the kids at 5:30, I went to Amy’s and we watched Enough on pay-per-view.

Friday, 1-31-2003: Worked all day, picked up both kids from school. Took them to Wal-mart to get some stuff then to my parents to visit for awhile.

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