March 2003 Stuff

Saturday, 3-1-2003: Worked on the drive-thru video footage for most of the morning. Did some work on the laundry room walls for a little while. Picked up Sheila’s kids from her house around 4pm and they spent the night.

Sunday, 3-2-2003: Amy and her kids came over. Plus Casey was here all day so we had 7 kids running all over. We ordered Papa John’s pizza and me and Amy watched Clerks. Everybody was gone by 4pm and Colleen picked up the kids at 5:30. But THEN I had to go pick up Payton because Colleen decides to take Emily to the hospital because her neck was hurting. They took xrays and told her to take Motrin. There was really no reason to take Emily to the hospital, I’m guessing Colleen’s intentions were to make me look like a bad father in court by telling the hospital that Emily had a serious neck injury and I’d ignored it. But Emily was fine, she had hurt her neck the night before because she was playing too rough with Allison. She had been running all over the house and playing fine all day.

Monday, 3-3-2003: Took Payton to Colleens at about 8:30am. Worked for most of the morning, then the cable guy got here at noon and installed our cable TV. (Got rid of the Dish last week.) Picked up the kids at 1pm for the rest of the day. Did some more editing on our drive-thru video and went to bed.

Tuesday, 3-4-2003: Worked all day, Colleen had the kids. Josh & Lori were having electrical problems so I went over there and worked on things. Dennis came over to help.

Wednesday, 3-5-2003: Worked all day, Colleen had the kids. Went and worked on Lori and Josh’s wiring some more by myself. Finished up the drive-thru video. Amy and Angie came over and we hung out here, then went driving around, then me and Amy came back and watched Titanic.

Thursday, 3-6-2003: Colleen lied to me about keeping Emily home from school today. She lets Emily stay home a lot just because she likes to sleep in. Which sucks, but oh well. But today she called me and said that she would be happy to pick Emily up from school so that I could work a little later. Then I find out from Emily that she didn’t even go today.

Saturday, 3-8-2003: Got up early, got some donuts and went to Lowes to buy deck stuff. Worked on my deck for pretty much all day. I had the kids from about noon until 5pm. Then went to Lori’s and fixed the leaky hot water heater. Then to Tom’s and we worked on his basement room. It was 75 degrees out today around noon, now it’s under 30 and it’s supposed to snow for the rest of the week. Bizzare…

Saturday, 3-15-2003: No kids today. Worked on the deck all day, then went out with Amy and Angie to some bar in Granite Citiy that featured a hair band that played a bunch of late 80’s metal. Was fun to laugh at.

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