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Sunday, May 16, 2004: Did lots of nothing all morning. I never sleep good so I’ve just been tired all day. Did some video editing and website work. Around 2pm or so I went on a bike ride to Commons Park to place a travel bug in a cache that I’ve already been to. From there I went to Riverfront Park, downtown Alton, Target to buy new headphones since my current headphones are painful and then back home. I think I was gone about 3 hours. Yesterday me and Tricia drove to Carlinville for some relative’s wedding & reception and we were there pretty much all day. I hid out in the hotel’s arcade a lot since they were playing a lot of loud and annoying music. Hrmmm, what else has happened this week…we went to see the movie Envy which wasn’t TOO bad. We also watched Duplex on DVD which I thought was pretty good.

Before I went to Oregon I emptied out my entire room into the guest room, intending to completely finish my room before moving back in. I figure being stuck in the smaller, cramped guest room will motivate me to hurry up and finish it all. Plus I won’t get all my stuff paint splattered and dusty while doing it. I originally planned to paint the room green but Spessa’s mostly wooden home inspired me to try out wood paneling instead. So since I’ve been back I’ve been putting up strips of paneling which is going rather quick. I’ve got 3 walls completely done with 5 walls left to do (the room is shaped weird). I guess about half of it is finished and it looks a lot better than green paint would have, in my opinion. After I get all of this done, it’s baseboard, molding and new carpet. Then I can move back in. I’ll be lucky to finish by summer, mostly because I don’t have the money to do all this quickly. Here’s a small picture of the wall progress though:

paneling my walls

Saturday, May 22, 2004: Worked on my walls a lot all day. Also worked on a couple sections of my home page – this one and this one. This evening my brother and I went to Steak N Shake for supper. Here’s the first thing we were greeted with as we walked in the door:

crack dealer

What a good way to lose your appetite! So of course I snap a picture. Customers are giggling at him as they leave. That’s about the extent of my exciting day.

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