Access log weirdness

Dec. 1st, 2005|12:10 pm: Looking in the access logs for today, I noticed that a few extra thousand people had visited my site for some reason. I checked the referrals and I found these 3 sites…

Each site is a mirror image of my webcam page. But why?? I haven’t updated my webcam page since last summer. And that was to explain that I never update the webcam page anymore. Who created these sites and why would they link to my dead webcam page? Anyone have any ideas?

Speaking of access logs…the #1 visitor to is somebody on Comcast cable from Oregon. They’ve viewed 163 pages on my homepage. And they’ve made 4,360 hits. That’s hits mostly to images, probably, which is the result of visiting my LJ a lot. The #2 visitor to my homepage is somebody from Charter cable, also in Oregon. They’ve visited 103 pages within my homepage and made a total of 2,197 hits. Wonder who it is… Kcochran? Colleen? Just some other completely random person who happened upon the page? I sure didn’t get this many hits from Oregon when I lived in Illinois. And nope, it’s not my own IP address. For just being my homepage, that’s an insane amount of hits to be from each of those IP addresses. Like…there’s quite a large gap between the number of hits from the #1 & #2 visitors and then the #3 visitor. Whoever you are…hi!

Finished War of the Worlds the other day and I started on Mentally Incontinent which the author sent to me in the mail. Thanks, Joe!

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