pwned by myself

Man, all my anti-hotlinking efforts sure backfired this morning. I forgot that I had a picture of myself hotlinked in my Fark profile. When I looked at the comments on an article, here’s what I saw at the bottom…

You are not allowed to post comments at the moment.
Try again in 9 days.

This might be why:
You have tubgirl in your profile. This is cause for a complete ban. Remove the picture and realize that hotlinking is bad.

You may want to read the Fark FAQ while you wait — especially the “posting guidelines” section.
Direct questions to FarkBack.

On the brighter side, my tubgirl hotlinking image has drastically reduced the amount of hotlinking that occurs on Turns out that people didn’t like seeing Tubgirl on their Myspace pages so much.

UPDATE: Wow, I had no idea that I caused such a fuss in that thread. Geez, some people. Thanks for redirecting me to the thread, vitaminacetone!

Here’s my hilarious joke for the day:

Q: What do Fark regulars and grouchy old men have in common?

I’m so funny.

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