Kids, vacuuming, Ipod, Luvox

Kids and I walked to Henderson Park again today. I read Blacklisted 411 while they played. Afterwards we walked to Hasty Freeze for ice cream. Stopped by a fountain to hang out for awhile and learned we could really screw up the fountain by stopping the flow of water to the drain. Colleen drove by, noticed us and stopped by to hang out for awhile. She left and we went to get our ice cream, then walked home.

Vacuumed the hell out of the house today. I just bought a vaccum cleaner last week after living here for 10 months. 10 months of hair, dirt and whatever else in the carpets.

My Ipod rules. Having my entire music collection in one tiny device is still amazing to me. I’m sure it’ll wear off soon. Especially if I don’t get to keep it. I’ve been updating my ID3 tags all day so that the music is organized better in the Ipod. I’d be nice if it would just organize it all into folders, like I have on my hard drive. But it won’t do that. Organizing by ID3 tags will be nice, though, once I get them all updated. Itunes makes that fairly easy.

Yesterday I put the 12 CDs I own on Ebay. So far they’re up to $3.05 total. Those have been sitting in my car, unused, for over a year now.

Luvox Phreak might be visiting me this weekend. She’ll know for sure tomorrow, so I get a day’s notice if she’s gonna show or not. If not, I’ve got a lot of shit I need to get done around here. And work is suddenly really busy.

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