Beatles vs. Eminem

I have the entire Beatles discography. In my Beatles directory there are 227 files, taking up 858 megs on my hard drive. Their music, as a group, spanned most of the 1960’s.

I also have everything Moby has ever done, from 1994 to his current stuff. 265 files by Moby consume 859 megs of my hard drive.

Then there’s Eminem. He’s a newb, compared to those guys. He didn’t become big until 1999. Guess how much of his stuff I have. 1.58 GIGS. 318 files sorted into 20 folders. To my knowledge I’ve got everything he’s ever released. Almost twice as much as either of those other guys and still going. He’s probably got enough “unreleased” stuff out there to put out another dozen albums after he dies.

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