On the way to the park yesterday, the kids and I notice water running alongside the curb and into a drain. Quite a bit of it too. Figured it was just somebody watering their lawn too much or washing their car or whatever. A couple hours later, on the way back home, we notice it’s still pouring in there pretty strongly. Looking up the street, it appears to be coming from nowhere. So we walk up the block to investigate.

Apparently an underground pipe burst and the water was seeping through tiny cracks all over a large part of the street. You couldn’t actually see the water coming out, but it was. Walking across the wet spot on the road was like walking on thin ice. The road visibly cracked more as I went across and made neat crunching noises. You could see the water coming out of all the cracks on the parts that you stepped on. Luckily it didn’t all collapse and kill us.

This morning we were walking in that area again and decided to see if it had been fixed yet. It hadn’t. Some old lady and her cat was sitting by her back door so I went over to talk to her while the kids continued to watch water leak from the street. Eventually the kids came over too. The old lady seemed extremely happy that anyone bothered to come over and say hello to her. I think I made her week. She thanked us for coming by and said to stop by again.

Today we did laundry. And I made my best batch of waffles ever. Yesterday we ate at Pizza King while listening to bad karaoke. We walked there and back which was about 20 minutes each way. At lunch we had BTH and we walked through a giant antiques market thing they had going on in the streets. I think other stuff happened this weekend but I can’t remember any of it. I bought a TV this evening. $119 for 23″ is just too good to pass up. So far I’ve used it to listen to about 2 hours of podcasts. Money well spent.

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