1000 Tiny Things I Hate

My latest favorite blog is 1000 Tiny Things I Hate. Each post is some bizarre pet peeve of the author’s, hilariously written. He’s currently up to #84 (Trying to take a photo when your camera is set to video mode) and I plan to read backwards until I reach #1. I’m about halfway there and none of them have been too disappointing yet. He’s an awesome complainer!

This weekend was filled mostly with Geocaching and bike riding. Gotta love free entertainment. I bet we rode about 5 miles. (More for the kids, since they’ve been riding by themselves every day.) Most of it was riding to Geocaches. We found one in the woods by the park and then one right next to our apartments. We also biked to the college to try and find a couple near there.

This is my first time Geocaching with my Blackberry. When I first switched to a Blackberry for my cell phone, I purchased a program called Spot. I paid $50 for it and it’s never worked right. I exchanged a few emails with them, hoping to get it going, but no luck. I thought it would be the perfect program for Geocaching since I’d gotten rid of my PDA. This weekend I learned that GPS coordinates could be entered into the Google Maps application for the Blackberry. So screw Spot, I’m just going to use Google Maps for free. It worked out great for us this weekend.

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