FARK Party

Took the kids to their mom’s around 11, then drove to Portland. Spent the day at Saturday Market, downtown, and Lloyd Center (I always park there since it’s free, then take the Max everywhere). I brought my laptop and meant to get some stuff done on it, but never got around to it. Around 7, drove to The Green Dragon for my first ever Portland Fark Party. I’ve been missing them for the past two years either because I forgot or because I had the kids on those nights. The bar had a shitty band and lousy food. The shitty band limited my socializing to about 4 people since I couldn’t hear anything on the other side of the table. About 15 people showed up and it ended around 11:30. Me and two others headed to a new bar (with much quieter karaoke instead) on the other side of town. I must have left there at 2:15 because I got home around 3:30am.

Today I failed at sleeping in. I woke around 8 and got up around 9. But since it’s daylight savings I technically woke at 9 and got up at 10. Bought a Pepsi from 7-Eleven to try and wake myself up (My first Pepsi of the year, I think). Watched most of T-2, then put together this Mildred Monday song for the rest of the evening. I wrote that in 1997 and I’ve been meaning to do that ever since then. It’s not done – the sound levels are all wacky.

Geez, where did my day go? I didn’t start the song thing until 5 or 6. I must have fallen asleep at some point. I didn’t do anything today.

What’s up with haikus? I hate haikus and anyone who writes them. No really, what’s so clever about them? I just read a history of haikus hoping for a little understanding, but I still don’t get it. And I don’t understand why they’re so common in America. Nobody should like them, because they’re dumb.


  • sucks that the bar was loud, although it’s great you made it to a fark party. i’ve been wanting to go to one for a while [i’ve been on Fark for over three years now…], but never am able to make them. sigh.

  • Hey did you know that
    Green Dragon is also weed
    soaked in alcohol?

    Daylight Saving time is stupid, fuck Ben Franklin (except that kite thing, and hiding that sweet ass map on the back of the Declaration of Independance so Nicholas Cage could find gold or whatever he did in that movie it was sweet, and also lightning rod hats they were real look it up).

    Can’t wait to hear the Mildred Monday song, does that mean there’s a new PLA Radio coming soon?

  • i thought a pla radio was coming soon… Now the mildred monday song confirms it….

  • like your new glasses,
    your hairline making beeline
    right for your behind.

  • /haiku mode

    haikus are awesome
    brad thinks that they are stupid
    he needs to chill out
    /end haiku mode

  • those glasses look bad
    mine look way better than that
    cause im number 1

  • why am I posting
    i am tired of haiku
    i need to stop now

  • release the podcast
    i am tired of waiting
    pla rules all!

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