I just now finished the last episode of season 3 of Weeds. A few days ago I was browsing around Netflix and clicked on it, remembering seeing previews about it on Showtime back when I was watching Dead Like Me. I was immediately hooked on Weeds and have watched them nonstop for the past 4 days. There hasn’t been a show that’s made me LOL this much in a long time. I loved every episode. What a great show. It’s almost enough to make me want to sign up for cable this fall so I can catch the new episodes as they air. Almost, but not quite.

Also, Netflix’s Instant Play is awesome. This is my first time using it. The picture quality is a lot better than the movies I rip myself. Once they build their catalog up, there will be no reason for me to own movies and TV shows anymore. They didn’t have Season 3, so I had to spend a day downloading those from bittorrent. I was downloading them one at a time so I could watch them as they came in. But Netflix is great and I hope they work on making a lot more available soon.

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  • Yeah I don’t really need cable anymore either I download pretty much all my stuff in seasons from BT but the only problem with that is that I have to wait til a whole season is done to watch them, but then I can watch them in marathon sessions commercial free. I only ever rent or buy DVDs to get the commentaries because sometimes those kick ass too.

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