Biking to the movies

That’s a picture of Emily throwing her arms up to block a picture from being taken during a small break from riding bikes. We biked about 5 miles to the movie theater today, then back. Definitely their longest biking trip to date. We stopped at their moms, Fred Meyer, and Circle K for movie theater candy on the way. We saw, of course, Indiana Jones 4. Normally we stay at the theater for a 2nd movie, but nothing else really worth seeing was there.

Indiana Jones was good, albeit incredibly unbelievable. I know you’re supposed to suspend disbelief and just enjoy movies like this, but they were just asking us to accept way too much. Like, did you know that you can lock yourself inside a refrigerator and be launched hundreds of feet through the air (via a nuclear explosion) and walk out of the fridge perfectly fine? Or that you can drive your boat car off a 100′ cliff into the water and you don’t even fall out? Then the same boat can fall down 3 separate water falls and you’ll still be fine? They barely even fell out of the boat and just climbed right back in each time. Gotta love movie physics. Oh, and then there were at least 4 scenes with Indiana and his friends running away from heavily armed bad guys, all of them shooting but nobody ever gets hit. There’s just no way they all missed him.

The kids and I watched the first 2 Indiana Jones movies this week and last. I’ve actually never seen either of them all the way through. I’ve only caught bits of them on cable throughout the years and thought they looked kind of boring. I have seen #3 many times, though, since I worked at a theater when it came out.

So that’s my weekend so far.


  • Wow, Brad, you post the coolest links on your webpage. I love that movie physics site!

    I like your review for the new Indie movie too. You watched the first three and you were still surprised by the bad movie physics?

  • Bruce and I just went to see that this evening. Yes, deffiniatly bad movie physics, but what did you expect from an Indiana Jones movie? I liked it all the same.

  • I finally went to see Indiana Jones, so now I can finish reading this post. George Lucas is a washed up LOSER!

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