OMG 7 Years Since 9/11 7 Years Ago!

I rarely watch TV, but I turned it on today at 6:30am and flipped through several news stations and it seemed like they were all talking about 9/11. Do they do this every single year? Really, what’s the significance of 7 years? 1 year, I can understand. 5 and 10 years, sure. But 7? Do they really talk about an event that old instead of news every year? It’s not like there’s any new news about it.


  • Wouldn’t it have been cool to have caught Osama Bin Laden yesterday? That would have been news!

  • wouldn’t it have been cool to have the new frickin tower built by now? As I understand the main reason it isn’t up yet is essentially beaucracy. The one serious weakness in democracy.

  • Why would the people whose purpose is to convince the public that the actions of the government are justifiable let you forget about the best marketing tool the War on Terror has ever had?

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