OMG Who Framed Roger Rabbit????

Last week my son mentioned that he’d never seen Roger Rabbit so I ordered it from Netflix and we watched it tonight. Man, I’d forgotten what an unimaginative piece of crap that movie was. It tried way too hard. Disney pretending they’re Warner Bros. Sure, it was neat with all the live action combined with animation, but ugh. The scene in the theater where Roger Rabbit was going on about Goofy’s brilliant performance in the cartoon they were watching was sickening. “What brilliant comedic timing!” he yells. Disney cartoon shorts were the lamest, unfunniest shit ever. They all had stupid voices and tried to pass off the dumbest crap as comedy. Did people in the 1950’s actually think Mickey was awesome? I can’t believe Warner Bros. agreed to have their amazing characters alongside all that Disney crap. What a horrible blow for the 80’s.

I’ve done a lot of stuff lately, but I can’t seem to remember much of it. This evening the kids and I went on a hike with the hiking group, then had pizza at Woodstocks. There were about 7 of us total on the hike. At the top of the hike we were all just kind of hanging around and a guy was looking on his iPhone and mentioning that there was a Geocache up here. I said, “Oh really, let’s find it!” and he said that his dumb, useless iPhone doesn’t even have GPS so we couldn’t. Only he didn’t insult his iPhone like I did there. I said, “Well my Blackberry does because it’s about a billion times more awesome than your stupid phone that can’t even cut and paste text. Give me the coordinates.”

So he started reading the coordinates to me and I was typing them in. And before my GPS could even lock in, my kids emerged from a group of trees with a plastic container yelling, “We found it!” I guess it was hidden in a pretty obvious spot. They sure know how to take the fun out of a Geocache though!

Yesterday we saw City of Ember at the Pix theater. I don’t know how that theater stays in business. It was opening weekend for that movie and there were only 20 people in there. And that’s the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen there. I’ve spent the last week moving all my websites to a new server, which I think I finished today. I vacuumed a lot today and the kids cleaned their rooms. I know there was more. Dang memory. I’m going to bed.

Oh wait, I got a funny message on YouTube today. It’s from some girl named Ashley and she says, “I know you killed JonBenet Ramsey. Everything Richard said was right. I may be young at age 14, but I already have even more evidence pointing to you than Richard does. I know what I’m doing and you WILL pay for hurting this little girl and i will make sure of that if it’s the last thing I do.

I replied with, “Shut up, bitch, or you’re next! Just kidding. I hope you’re more competent with your investigative skills than Richard is, though.” And I just now noticed her response. “trust me…I am a thousand times more competent… that a confession? did you really do this? please just tell me I won’t like turn you in or anything I’m 14. nobody would believe me anyway…and the Boulder police are complete dumbasses so even if i knew who killed jonbenet I wouldnt tell them because they’re retarted.

I’m not sure what I’ll write back to her. If anyone’s forgotten, last February I found out some nutcase was claiming I was involved in the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey. Which I suppose I should point out isn’t true. I got an email from some other guy on YouTube last month asking if I was the guy they were talking about. I wrote back, “Yep, I’m the one he’s talking about. My friends and I have nothing to do with Jonbenet though. Richard Cardo is a nutcase.” I actually love Richard Cardo for making my life more interesting though.


  • It’s a good thing you weren’t trolling OJ Simpson, John Lennon, or JFK messageboards way back when, or you’d be guilty of those murders too.

  • Brad Carter definatly killed that girl, I offer this section of text from his website as at least proof if not a confession.

    “I was involved in the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey.” -Brad Carter;

  • Great Brad. Thanks a million. I’ve not even thought about Roger Rabbit in a decade or so. Now I’m gonna have to get this stupid movie from Netflix and watch it. :)

    Oh and I finally figured out where “notla” comes from… It takes me a while but I catch on. Did you & J ever spend the night in that creepy mansion? I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about. I read somewhere Alton is one of the most haunted towns in America.

    Yet apparently PT Barnum was correct… Believe nothing of what you read and only have of what you see! Jonbenet, huh? LOL. That’s why I’m glad we have mutual friends. Between you and J I’m never bored!

    Hey could ya find someway to be incriminated in say an alien conspiracy or something?! That would be cool.

  • hah! Never saw Roger Rabbit! Another advantage of a sheltered life! Yes, Disney sucks!

  • You and the JonBenet murder is hilarious though. I’m so jealous of you.

  • Yeah sage, but you missed out on the genius of Looney Toons!

    Dana, nope, I’ve never spent the night in any creepy mansions. Are you talking about McPike? The only haunted house I remember is the one a block or so from Sage’s house where several kids in the neighborhood all had stories to contribute about it’s creepiness and the occupants inside.

  • Yeah McPike! I couldn’t remember the name of it. Apparently ya’ll grew up in the haunting capitol of America. Some elders serving in the Alton ward swore there apartment had ghosts. lol! There’s even a book on Haunted Alton. Maybe Ghost Hunters will check it out. :)

  • Are you sure it wasn’t the Lemp mansion?

    I’ve read Haunted Alton. It was kinda boring.

    The sleeping in a Haunted house thing is something I have never done, but probably o
    ought to.

  • I met the Haunted Alton author. He was kind of boring too.

  • The Haunted alton author is my best friend.
    He wrote that book at my request.

  • Yeah it’s McPike. I have a photo of it & there’s a sign naming the place. I can’t believe that ya’ll haven’t ever spent the night in a haunted house. It’s a good time especially close to Halloween!

  • DC I thought you were scared of halloween!

  • I am afraid of Halloween just like any well brought up girl in the uber-superstitious-halloween-is-the-devil’s-sabbath South. However Ghosts do not scare me. How that happened I’ll never know. lol.

    Oh and B is right… You totally missed out on the genius that is Looney Toons! I often didn’t get up on Saturday morning until Bugs Bunny came on.

  • I didn’t miss out really- I caught alot of TV time at my cousin’s house.

  • I remember going to your cousin’s house a few times when you weren’t home. Sitting around and watching TV was pretty much all we ever did the few times I visited. We accomplished a lot more evilness at your house.

  • Yeah- I went to Becky and Ginger’s house for the cartoons quite a bit.

  • Just saw your Esquire Magazine “Hack” on YouTube.
    I must say you’ve set a new low in imbecility.
    Taking a drill to an e-ink display and sticking it in a microwave !!
    Wow ! What amazing “Hack” will you come up with next ?
    I know ! I know !! You could shit in your hand and fling it around !!!

    I’ll wait for the YouTube video.

  • Thanks for the great idea for my next YouTube video! I will be sure to give you proper credit.

  • You could call it One RedBox, One Cup.

  • electroguy is just jealous because Brad’s video was watched 46,000 times and got featured on about a dozen blogs. I’d like to see the videos on his youtube account but of course he doesn’t post a link.

  • Has he seen Howard the Duck yet?

  • Nope. I haven’t even seen Howard the Duck since that one time I watched it on cable in the 80’s.

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