The Daily Flip Show

Today I got featured on The Daily Flip Show for returning my Flip video camera to Target. I’m a fan of their show on YouTube. Check it out at or at

In other YouTube news, every single one of Richard Cardo’s investigative videos have disappeared. Either they all got taken down due to complaints or he hid them from the public to make them stop getting taken down. Also, I think I got Richard grounded from playing investigator today when I called his wife and yelled at her over this whole thing.

And in even more YouTube news, Shay Carl is awesome and so is his Shaytards channel. Watch his Turkey Bowling in Wal-Mart video first. Him and his wife are hilarious.


  • I went on a date last night with my repair man from AT&T. He came to fix my phone because I had no dial tone. He took me to my city’s central office. I am going to ask him can we go there again so I can take pictures.

  • Thanks, now I have to go wash my hands about 20 times.

  • it would have been even better if they had convinced a walmart employee to bowl too!

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