Little Boxes

Every house or apartment you go into is the same. The living room has a TV with several pieces of furniture pointed at it. The TV might have a few components hooked up to it or maybe a video game system. There’s a shelf packed full of DVDs. Sometimes there’s another shelf packed with CDs or books. The dining room table with something in the center of it. Maybe a fish tank or a bird cage or a litter box. An exercise machine, microwave, piano, computer. Maybe something weird on a wall somewhere to help define that person, like a few swords or a bizarre painting or, in my case, a pay phone. Pictures of families on the walls, maybe some posters. The patios and yards are all pretty much the same too, with their BBQ grills and outdoor furniture and maybe a few kids toys and some fake bamboo tiki torches.

Rich or poor, every living space in America is nearly identical. Probably in every other country too, just with subtle changes, like up in Canada all this stuff is in their igloos. Even those movie stars and musicians on MTV Cribs all live in identical places, and they have the money to do anything they want. Sure, they’ve got pools and mixing booths and giant garages for their exotic car collections, but aside from that there’s really not much difference. Seems like someone could come up with a radically different way to live by now.


  • OMG Brad Canada has houses like the US. There just made of ice thats all. quit trying to make us canadians feel less superior to you people of the US

  • Hey you just described my husband’s decorating! He thinks fake tiki torches in the backyard are cool and puts up stupid posters that I don’t understand in his room that somehow define him (they look like a bunch of shapes and supposed to be like all engineerical or something)

    After he moves out, I’m taking the shelves out and putting my books right on the floor stacked up against the wall. Then I’m painting the walls in some sort of design that will knock your socks off and make you dizzy when you walk in. Nobody will see it coming! They’ll walk in my house and BAM it hits them, what the fuck is that?! Why am I staring at it? OWWW it hurts my brain!!!!!!!

    Then I’m going to take all the chairs and tables and turn them upside down because I’m tired of my son climbing on them!

    My TV will be on the ceiling and my DVDs will be hanging from the wall.

    I call it the surreal way of life (VH1 stole that from me!)

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