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Jul 06

Bi-Yearly Update


I got pulled over a couple weeks ago for running a stop sign. On a bike. Yes, on a bike. It was one of those streets that rarely has any cars on it, where I just kind of look both ways and keep going. The cop pulled me over and ran my license. He was …

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Aug 01

Thunder Tweets

Thunder is really rare in Albany. So is lightning. And snow. But I’d say in my 8 years of living in this area, we’ve only had real thunder maybe 3 or 4 times. It’s rare to even hear a rumble off in the distance. It barely exists here. But last night we had a really …

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Mar 16

Bank Scamster

This relatively new guy at my bank really wants me to cheat the IRS. I’m self-employed and I get checks from different companies, so he starts being nosy and asking what I do. He tells me I definitely need their business account for my business. I tell him I’ve had a business account before and …

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Oct 08

Weird people at my door

Last night I got to bed around 3am. This morning, a Saturday, my doorbell rings at 8am. Ugh. I jump up and open the window to see a lady standing there, so I quickly get dressed and run downstairs to see who it is. She’s maybe 50 years old and asks me if some lady …

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Nov 18

I got gas!

THEM: “Thank you for calling Northwest Natural Gas. Please enter your account number.” ME: type type type type on the phone’s keypad. THEM: “We have your account pulled up. Please say your house number.” ME: “819” THEM “For verification, please enter the last 4 digits of your social security number.” ME: type type type type! …

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Dec 06

Crazy Guy Across From The Post Office

A few months ago, Spessa and I were driving around and she spotted a crazy sign in this guy’s garden, right across the street from the post office. We drove around the block and I got out and took a picture of the sign while two guys on the porch eyed me. I sent it …

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Aug 17

Sirius Part 2

Last night Spessa somehow inspired me to install Sirius in my car. I mounted it in the glove box and wired the power into the radio power so that it comes on automatically when I start the car. So I never even have to open the glove box unless I want to switch stations. (Speaking …

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Jul 02

Roadside memorial, pay phones

I tell my kids that the teens pictured in this roadside memorial are buried under the metal doors. What’s with this roadside memorial anyway? It’s been there for almost as long as I’ve lived in Albany. Don’t these kids have real graves that can be decorated with pinwheels and stuff? It used to be across …

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Feb 26

Mailing letters

I walked inside the post office today to mail a PLA t-shirt (notice the link I put there, hoping more people might buy PLA shirts.) and a husband and wife were in line. They were both complaining to each other about the man outside who was using the mail machine. (Whatever that thing is called …

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Dec 04

Protected: Rent and Moving

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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