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Oct 08

In your grandma’s face, like a giant lump of botox

Remember when I used to write things here? Those were the days. I’ve been up to the normal, boring fun stuff lately. On Sunday I created a music video for Rappy Mcrapperson’s song called Welcome to the Shrubz and he put it on his YouTube channel. It’s made entirely out of clips from the 1990 …

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Oct 07

Somebody is Missing

When I was a kid, it was always exciting to think about “the future” and all the cool advancements we’d have after the year 2000. We were promised many things, like flying cars, robots, teleportation, and fax machines in every room of our house. So where is it all? I know I’m not alone in …

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Sep 24

Harassment Sunday

I got this email notification today from Meetup, under the completely fictitious name of Chris Tomkinson and for local events on the other side of the country. It took a few minutes to remember why I would have something like this set up, but I finally remembered a certain hilarious Sunday in 2005 where I …

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Apr 15

Stupid Technology!

At least once a year I drone on and on rant about some operating system that I hate, so I’m going to get that out of the way right now. Android is a huge, steaming pile of crap! About 6 months ago I upgraded my iPhone to an Android phone – the Samsung Nexus S. …

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Mar 19

Hikes and other equally boring nonsense that you’ll hate reading about so don’t even bother

When I first moved to Oregon in late 2005, I wanted to explore all the woods around here, so I did lots of Geocaching and hiking. There were no hiking groups in the area, so I signed up on meetup.com and set up a hiking group. Within a year, there were over 100 members and …

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Dec 20

Hackers vs. Magicians

There used to be a magic shop in downtown Albany and the kids and I would stop by there sometimes and look around. The owners were an old couple and the wife would rave about how awesome it was being a magician. She said learning all the tricks completely alters the way you see life. …

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Aug 19

Snail Mail My Email

Earlier this month my friend Jessica found an interesting program called Snail Mail My Email which was a free service that allowed you to have a typed email handwritten and sent to anywhere in the world. The transcribing was done by volunteers, so Jessica immediately signed up to be a volunteer. I’m not sure how …

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Aug 09

Baby Rattles

When I was in grade school, my teacher started us on a fun craft project. We made baby rattles! How do you make a baby rattle? It’s easy! Take a normal incandescent light bulb and paper-mache the entire thing. Then you paint it bright, happy colors. After the paint dries, you smash it against your …

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Jul 23

How To Make A Monitor Stand

After months of having my 23″ flatscreen computer monitor sit on a couple boxes of envelopes, I’ve finally gotten around to making a proper mount for it. And by proper, I mean by using old gas pipes and scratched up plexiglass because I’m too cheap to shell out nearly $100 for a real mount on …

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Jul 02

Spuds gets Mugged in London!

Robert Spuds Holloway: hey Robert Spuds Holloway: are you there? Brad Carter: howdy Robert Spuds Holloway: not too good. and you? Brad Carter: i’m ok Robert Spuds Holloway: I’m stranded in London Robert Spuds Holloway: got mugged at gun point last night Brad Carter: that’s never fun Robert Spuds Holloway: all cash,credit card and phone …

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