Yahoo Groups spammer

I run a few Yahoo Groups and one of them is this Prank Calls group. The other day an email comes through it with the subject line of “Profit Opportunity!” and the email contains lots of graphics and links about all the money you can make with PayPal. Occasionally spam slips through. So I log into the group, delete the email and ban the person responsible. Then today I get this email:

From: Ronnie Vinston
Subject: membership

I am having trouble logging in to your group. Was I removed from this group because of the email I sent to all the members. It was only an email that I recieved from someone else about an opportunity to make money through paypal. I thought it would be a good idea to share this with other people. I really wanted to join this group because I like listening to prank calls, not to sell items to members. I hope you would reconsider. Thank you.

I’m not going to bother replying. I just think it’s kinda funny. Usually it’s not members who spam their own groups – it’s people who sign up with intentions of spamming groups until they are kicked off.


My day has been annoying so far. My key decided to stop turning in the ignition so easily this morning so my car is stranded at McDonalds. The kids and I had stopped there for breakfast and ended up having to take a cab to school. To take a cab across town and back is FOURTEEN DOLLARS! Seven bucks each way. Total driving time was 15 – 20 minutes for the cab. That’s a lot of money for a 20 minute drive.

Later this evening I’m going to go buy some graphite and spray that in the lock, hoping it’ll make the key turn. The key isn’t stuck in the ignition, it just won’t turn. It did the same thing last week but I was able to eventually make it work. This time it’s really stuck. Won’t budge at all. All I can think to do is either the graphite thing or maybe drag a paper clip across the tumblers, hoping to shake the problematic one loose.

At least I can replace the ignition myself if I really need to. Maybe I’ll just put a couple switches in it’s place to save myself a couple hundred bucks. I did that for a neighbor of mine a couple years ago. He didn’t want to spend $250 for a new ignition, so we spent about $20 on wires and 2 switches. One switch turned on the car’s electrical stuff. The 2nd was a momentary contact switch which started the car up. It ruled.

My other car problem I’ve been having for over a month now. The car’s idle isn’t sounding too good. A forum I checked says I need to replace the PCV valve which is easy enough. I’ve just been too lazy to get around to it. I hate hate hate hate hate cars. If I didn’t have kids I would sell my car in a second. My obsessive record keeping shows that I spent $5,250.99 on my car last year. That includes car payments, gas, oil changes, insurance, etc. This year I’ve already spent $703.02 on my car. Cars are evil and I hate them.

In less complainy news, is moved to a new server and I’m really liking it so far. I set up a community thing on it which includes forums, calendar, messaging, etc. It also tells me how many people are on the website at any given time, which is cool. I’m going to use the member system mainly for commenting on all the various pages. It should hopefully work like my existing comment system, with the option of logging in to comment.

pwned by myself

Man, all my anti-hotlinking efforts sure backfired this morning. I forgot that I had a picture of myself hotlinked in my Fark profile. When I looked at the comments on an article, here’s what I saw at the bottom…

You are not allowed to post comments at the moment.
Try again in 9 days.

This might be why:
You have tubgirl in your profile. This is cause for a complete ban. Remove the picture and realize that hotlinking is bad.

You may want to read the Fark FAQ while you wait — especially the “posting guidelines” section.
Direct questions to FarkBack.

On the brighter side, my tubgirl hotlinking image has drastically reduced the amount of hotlinking that occurs on Turns out that people didn’t like seeing Tubgirl on their Myspace pages so much.

UPDATE: Wow, I had no idea that I caused such a fuss in that thread. Geez, some people. Thanks for redirecting me to the thread, vitaminacetone!

Here’s my hilarious joke for the day:

Q: What do Fark regulars and grouchy old men have in common?

I’m so funny.

Webcam page spam

Dec. 4th, 2005|06:34 pm: A couple years ago, I think it was Kristine that sent me this article. I printed it out and saved it but I never shared it with anyone like I meant to. It talks about alternatives to spending hundreds or thousands of dollars every Christmas on everyone you know. Lots of great points are in it to rationalize being a big cheapskate. Which is what I’ve done for the past 2 or 3 years now. I only buy for my kids now, and then a little something for my parents and girlfriend. Screw everyone else. A $2.99 pack of generic Christmas cards is about the extent of my holiday shopping. It’s a good read. So go read it.

When Did Christmas Get So Crazy?

Remember my weird issues with those web sites who were mirroring my webcam page? Well I noticed today that it’s not even framing MY site within it’s site. They’ve just copied my useless webcam pages and hotlinked to my 3-year-old webcam images on my site. So they didn’t really send 50,000 extra users to my home page, they actually made 50,000 users access the images on my webcam page. But since the page refreshes, it was actually quite a bit lower than that.

I still don’t know WHY my outdated webcam page and nobody offered me any ideas in my last post about it. I thought maybe it had something to do with them needing fresh content for their new sites so that Google would crawl it and give them a good search engine ranking. But that’s a dumb theory because my webcam page is OLD and there’s nothing on there they couldn’t have written themselves. They took the time to steal the html and content from my page when they could have just as easily created original content themselves. They also took the time to add my URL in front of the images in the html code to ensure that the images would load from my site. And they changed all of the links on the site to their own various URLs for different things. So I dunno.

Anyway, instead of disallowing hotlinking on my site, I just changed the images that they’re stealing from me. Check out their URLs below! Caution – tub girl. Let’s see how long it all lasts.

Also, I fixed the guestbook on my page so nobody can add URLs to their guestbook entries anymore. That should eliminate most of the spam there. The spam was worse on there than on I just finished deleting it all.

Brad Carter – Battling Spam Since 1997!

EDIT: Here’s the numbers I just got from my log. It comes down to about 500 unique visiters a day hitting those pictures. But those 500 people are loading the images about 13,000 times. There are 3 images on the page so divide that by 3 and each person is reloading my cam page (the page refreshes automatically) about 26 times before leaving the page. So by this time tomorrow, approximately 500 people will be grossed out by the image of tub girl, all because of me! I rule!

Also, my theory of them trying to get higher up in the search engines is stupid. They’ve obviously got some major traffic going to their web sites, for them to be able to send 500 different people to me per day. Who knows how they’re driving all that traffic there. If they have that kind of an audience, why are they showing that audience my outdated webcam page??

Access log weirdness

Dec. 1st, 2005|12:10 pm: Looking in the access logs for today, I noticed that a few extra thousand people had visited my site for some reason. I checked the referrals and I found these 3 sites…

Each site is a mirror image of my webcam page. But why?? I haven’t updated my webcam page since last summer. And that was to explain that I never update the webcam page anymore. Who created these sites and why would they link to my dead webcam page? Anyone have any ideas?

Speaking of access logs…the #1 visitor to is somebody on Comcast cable from Oregon. They’ve viewed 163 pages on my homepage. And they’ve made 4,360 hits. That’s hits mostly to images, probably, which is the result of visiting my LJ a lot. The #2 visitor to my homepage is somebody from Charter cable, also in Oregon. They’ve visited 103 pages within my homepage and made a total of 2,197 hits. Wonder who it is… Kcochran? Colleen? Just some other completely random person who happened upon the page? I sure didn’t get this many hits from Oregon when I lived in Illinois. And nope, it’s not my own IP address. For just being my homepage, that’s an insane amount of hits to be from each of those IP addresses. Like…there’s quite a large gap between the number of hits from the #1 & #2 visitors and then the #3 visitor. Whoever you are…hi!

Finished War of the Worlds the other day and I started on Mentally Incontinent which the author sent to me in the mail. Thanks, Joe!

My Defcon 2000 Review

July 2000: I’m stealing this old review of mine from Defcon 8 from UPL021. And there’s nothing linear can do about it!

So I went to this thing called DefCon and now I’m going to write about it. We were stupid enough to book our flights with which got us better rates but really crappy flight times and days. My flight left Illinois at 10:30pm on Thursday night and arrived at 1:00am Friday morning.

LogicBox was supposed to meet me at the airport but he was 20 minutes late so I ended up leaving with these two old people who were there. Well, actually they were my parents. See, I had never met them before and this DefCon was my first time ever meeting them (long story). So I’m proud to say that I’m probably the only person who’s ever met their parents for the first time at a hacker conference.

I arrived at the Alexis Park Hotel on Friday morning and was lucky enough to get there before the registration line started wrapping itself around the hotel. I paid my money, got my badge and walked around in the lobby. I walked 2 full circles around the sitting area. Then I ventured outside and walked up to the pool. It got hot so I walked back inside for awhile and got a Coke for the low low price of $2.00, tax included. Then I walked around the eating area in circles and back into the lobby. I walked over to
the pay phones and slapped some PLA stickers on the phones. Then I walked around the lobby some more for a few minutes. Much later I walked out the front doors and discovered that I could hang a right, walk along the side of the building and get into the lobby through the side doors or from the pool area. So I did this a few times and then did it again in reverse. Then I walked around the pool area, through the courtyard and to another pool, around that pool and turned around, then repeated the process. From there I walked a few more circles in the hotel lobby. This is where I started to get kind of bored. I walked up to a guy standing by a wall.

“Hi, are you here for Defcon?,” I asked.



I walked back down the hall towards registration so I could walk around the registration lines and see if I knew anybody and a DefCon Goon was like, “You can’t go in there!” and I said “It’s okay, I’m RBCP!!” and he threatened to take away my badge and throw me out. So I had no choice but to go down the street to Subway and have something to eat. I got a footlong sandwich
on white bread, turkey, lettuce and mayo and a large Pepsi. It was really good. On the way back some nerdy kid beat me up for looking stupid. That really sucked but only lasted for a few minutes because I pretended to be unconscience.

I went back to the hotel and made a bunch of phone calls to people who were supposed to be there but none of them answered their phones. After sitting around in the lobby for awhile, The Public and Nekid Amy approached. We walked around for awhile, went up to his room and I got to meet Zens who I hadn’t heard from for awhile. Just an hour or so later I got a call from LogicBox who told me to come into the con room and find their table. Funny, because I’d already passed by his table a few times and had a look at the shirts they were selling but I guess we didn’t notice each other. I went up to the table and stared him down until he said, “Oh, hi!”

Pesto was there and broke into tears and started telling me how much he loved me and how cool I was and stuff. Then he jumped up onto a table and started dancing for me and that’s when I left the con room forever. Okay well, that didn’t really happen. Awhile later I met up with el_jefe and Apok0lyps and I walked around with el_jefe for awhile and finally told him that he was really boring and I was going to go find someone else to hang out with.

That night we geared up for a huge party in barkode’s room! We got all kinds of booze and black lights and a big-ass sound system. Then el_jefe came in and started dancing this scary jig in front of me and soon after that some dude’s girlfriend puked all over the floor. Just as things were getting crazy I noticed that it was after 10:00pm which is way past my usual bedtime so LogicBox said I could stay on his floor at the Excalibur so I went there and went to sleep, however I DID stay up to nearly 11:00pm watching dumb 80’s movies. Man I’m nuts sometimes.

Throughout the weekend, me and Logicbox caused as much trouble as we could on the FRS frequencies. The FCC thought these channels would be used by a few family members at a time to keep in touch at the malls or while camping or whatever. I bet they never thought that a few thousand hackers would all be using the same channel at once. This made for some interesting conversations with people we didn’t know. We kept yelling at everyone to get the hell off OUR channel. They would yell back that it was THEIR channel. We would tell them that we bought the channel from the FCC just last week and we had the receipt to prove it. They would start yelling obscenities and playing tones at us. It was like being on a conf. only on a much larger scale.

We also yelled at girls when they came on the channel, told them that girls didn’t know how to use radios, girls belong in the kitchen and not at hacker cons, girls shouldn’t be wasting time on the radio when they could be pleasing a man. Needless to say, the girls didn’t think this was very funny.

Hmm, so that’s about it for my DefCon experience. I finally got to meet linear but it took so long to find him that by the time we met it was almost time for him to leave. Damn you, linear!


My Defcon 8 paass
Soon after arriving at Defcon I got a call from Cal on my cell phone who told me to meet him out front in a few minutes. I wasn’t surprised to find out that he rides the short bus.
This is one of those stupid I’m Taking A Picture Of You While You’re Taking A Picture Of Me pictures. That’s SlapAyoda. I didn’t take this, someone must have swiped my camera. Damn hackers!
SlapAyoda walking around on the walls in Barkode’s room.
This is the phone in Barkode’s room. It’s got an elite PLA sticker on it. See? That’s why I took the picture okay? Even though it’s all blurry and you can’t even see the stupid thing.
LogicBox and Pozer bridging a couple of walkie talkie channels together hoping to annoy everyone listening.
My birthmom & I, up in the mountains somewhere
In a swimming pool, somewhere in Vegas
Barkode gets a little crazy and tells us that money is insignificant or something and throws a few thousand dollars up into the air saying he trusts us all not to steal it. I pocket a few hundred and quickly go home.
After the money incident, this picture shows SlapAyoda comforting Barkode as if trying to talk him down from a high ledge while Pesto is scooping up money like a madman and shoving it down the front of his pants.
This is a picture of me, Logicbox and Carolyn Meinel. You can listen to Carolyn Meinel’s hilarious ranting about hackers on my sound clips page. I stole this picture from Barkode’s site and there’s nothing he can do about it.

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