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I get a lot of instant messages from people that I don’t know. They end up finding my IM name in some directory or on a web forum and they want to talk to me. The thing is, I’m not really that interested in talking to random people that I don’t know. 99.3% of the completely moronic messages come from AIM users. Here’s a few logs of some of the more entertaining IMs that I’ve saved…

My Tetris Profile In 2003 I created a fake profile on Yahoo. It was a profile for a girl named Susie (aka Tetris). She was single, in her mid-20

Instant Messages: Are You A Cop?

On my Yahoo profile, I list my occupation as a Freelance Police Officer. I think this is funny because it makes no sense. But people take it seriously sometimes, such as this guy who needs some help from a cop. fraser_1984: brad are you a cop fraser_1984: because i need help brad_the_carter: no fraser_1984: plz …

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Instant Messages: Jessica at Taco Bell

In September 2004, I saw an 18-year-old girl online that worked at the local Taco Bell. And the local Taco Bell just happened to be the one that RijilV and I had screwed with via their drive-thru radio frequencies for several weeks. You can watch one of our very last Taco Bell assaults here. So …

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Instant Messages: Netsex

Being the amazingly popular guy that I am, I’ve always got hot chicks in the UK wanting to chat with me or netsex me. Here’s a recent log from a girl named Rachel. rachel_andrews2002: Hi how are you Im feeling horny and need a horny guy to watch im playing with my clit and im …

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Instant Messages: Random

12/18/2002: [13:16] DJ Donte69: hey [13:16] DJ Donte69: is this RBCP [13:16] DJ Donte69: ? [13:19] DJ Donte69: i got this sn of PLA website i think [13:19] DJ Donte69: i sent money for pla merhcandise and i havent got my shit yet 2/4/2002: [16:15] grandemastapimp: Roy [16:15] grandemastapimp: or RBCP [16:15] grandemastapimp: who do …

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Instant Messages: Tannest

A few years back, I created a profile for Tannest. Then I started messaging everyone in Bend, hoping somebody would know her. I didn’t have much luck, but some of the conversations are humorous. You’ll notice a lot of them making references to her boobs. This is because my profile picture was the picture of …

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Instant Messages: Tetris

In 2003 I created a fake profile on Yahoo. It was a profile for a girl named Susie (aka Tetris). She was single, in her mid-20’s and online 24/7. I created this profile for several reasons… To promote phonelosers.org – I listed her “cool link” as phonelosers.org and listed her homepage as being on phonelosers.org. …

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  1. andre

    do you have any non functioning e-ink displays?
    i found a use for them even when the batteries are flat, if it helps i can send a few $ for postage.

    regards, -Andre

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