August 2003 Entries

Friday, 8-1-2003: Took the kids to school and worked during the day. Went on a date with Tricia around 5pm. We went to Union Station and looked around all the stores, went outside and hung around the fountain for awhile, took the train to the Landing and did some shopping.

Saturday, 8-2-2003: Got up around 8:30am and worked for a few hours. Then me and the kids went to Jamestown to see Spy Kids 3D, ate McDonalds there and they played on the slides. Came home for awhile and I mowed the lawn. Then we went to Wal-Mart to buy Emily’s school supplies.

Saturday, 8-09-2003: Worked on my room a bunch. Me and Tom went to Lowes in his truck and got me some more drywall. Finished ripping out my closet and did some drywalling.

Sunday, 8-10-2003: Took the kids to Colleen’s first thing in the morning. Came home and worked on my room remodeling for most of the day. Got drywall put up and lots of patching done. Here’s some pictures of the progress:

Keep in mind, the closet door you see was actually outside of my room when I started this on Tuesday. There was a whole other wall to my room there which I removed without taking pictures first. So the size of my room is considerably bigger now. Now when I get out of bed in the morning, I’m “coming out of the closet.” HAHAHA, I KILL ME!

Thursday, 8-14-2003: Kept the kids home today. We went and got donuts for breakfast, then Alex and Allison came over to play with them and I worked until about 4:30pm. Angie stopped by to drop off her laptop for me to look at and Colleen picked up the kids at 5:30pm. Spent the rest of my evening, working on some wiring in my room. Got a new ceiling light and light switch put in. Then did a little more drywalling.

Friday, 8-22-2003: Me RijilV and Tom went to the Waffle House for breakfast/lunch. This is the very same waffle house that was featured in PLA099. The employees there don’t realize it but they work at an historic PLA landmark.

Saturday, 8-23-2003: Me, RijilV, Tom and both kids went to the City Museum for the day. Got there around 11am and stayed until maybe 4pm.

Monday, 8-25-2003: Came home and worked all day. Me and Tricia went to Jamestown Mall at 5pm. Walked all over the mall, then saw the movie SWAT. Bought a new laser pointer at Sam Goody to torment the cats with.

Wednesday, 8-27-2003: Me and Tricia were both kidless so we decide to drive to Indiana and stay a night. We were going to go to Indianapolis but decided to stop an hour earlier in Terre Haute instead.

Thursday, 8-28-2003: Left Indiana around 10am after we browsed at a book store for awhile. Got back home around 1pm.

July 2003 Entries

Wednesday, 7-2-2003: What did I do on Wednesday? I can’t remember. I think I worked all day, then went to Lowes and bought some air conditioning vent stuff and then sat on the couch watching TV and talking to Tricia all night while we both watched T2 and The Crow on TV. I think that was Wednesday. But maybe not. I’m behind on this whole journal thing.

Thursday, 7-3-2003: Worked all day. Around 5pm I went across the river and bought some fireworks for tomorrow. Then came home and worked on putting a new air duct in my room for the rest of the evening. Got most of it done, still a little left to do.

Saturday, 7-5-2003: Got up at 7am. Well 6:30 really, but I didn’t actually get out of bed until 7am. Me and the kids mostly just hung out at the house all day. Around 4:30pm we decided to see the Sinbad movie at Jamestown Mall. So we did that, then played on the slides for a little while, and then went for a drive on river road. We ended up stopping at Clifton Terrace Park and playing there for awhile, then went home.

Monday, 7-09-2003: Worked all day. After work, picked up Tricia and we went to see Terminator 3 at Jamestown Mall. It didn’t suck as much as Matrix 2. I can at least say that for it.

Friday, 7-11-2003: Worked all morning but quit around 2pm, packed up a few things and drove to Indianapolis because of a sudden urge to just get out of town. Took about 4 hours to drive there and I ran into a really bad storm just as I got there. Went to the mall for awhile, walked around the mall & talked to Tricia on my cell. Then went to the IUPUI campus and walked around there for awhile, down the canal walk, etc. Slept in a nearby reststop.

I wardrived for the whole trip, just so I could feel cool
As I get into a town, a terrible storm is ahead
I got to see a massive fireworks show after a baseball game

Saturday, 7-12-2003: I was going to go back to downtown Indianapolis this morning but after I woke up I decided to just go back home. Got home around 9am and went to sleep until noon. At 8:30pm I picked up Tricia and we went to downtown St. Louis to meet her sister and her boyfriend. We went to some club on the Landing for awhile, then out to Centerville to some strip club. Got some Taco Bell and McDonalds after it all, then they took me back to my car and I took Tricia home. I got her home around 5am, then I got home around 5:30.

Sunday, 7-13-2003: Slept in until about 12:30pm. Hung around the house all day doing nothing. Went to Target to buy Payton a birthday present. Went for a bike ride around Wood River and back home. Then hung around the house doing nothing some more.

Wednesday, 7-23-2003: I’m divorced! Had court at 1pm and was done before 1:30pm. We just signed a paper and that was it. Now we just have to work out the custody issues. Picked up the kids from school, then we got some groceries and came home. Mowed the lawn, pulled some weeds and got the kids to bed. What I really need to do is get some shoe polish and write “JUST DIVORCED” on my car window. Maybe put my phone number under it for prospective dates to call me at. But they’d probably drive up next to me when they called and be like “Ewwww” and hang up on me. So I won’t bother.

Sunday, 7-27-2003: Was sick all day. I had the kids and they entertained themselves while I laid on the couch all day. I could hardly sit up or stand up. Making the kids breakfast and lunch was about all I did. Around 8pm is when I started feeling better. Next year I get a flu shot.

Monday, 7-28-2003: Me & Tricia went to the Speghetti Facory for supper and walked around The Landing for awhile.

Tuesay, 7-29-2003: Worked just for a few hours but it was slow so I quit early. Took Tom’s truck to Lowes and got some 2×4’s and drywall. Moved the walls in my room out so I have more room now. This was an impulsive renovation, I was suddenly tired of having a small room.

Thursday, 7-31-2003: Did some more work on the walls in my room – removed more of the original walls and the shelf by the door. Got everything cleaned up pretty good. Still a lot to do though.

June 2003 Entries

Sunday, 6-8-2003: Worked a little during the day. Did a lot of driving around all day, trying to film stuff for the next Elephant and Bird. Ended up driving to Highland out of boredom and discovered it was Schweizerfest day. So I went to their downtown parade. Came home, fixed my bike and went for about a 3 hour bike ride. Came home and played on the internet until 2am or so.

Monday, 6-9-2003: Worked all day until about 7pm. Had to take my car in to be fixed in the morning but got it back in the afternoon. Went for a small bike ride to get a Pepsi out on College.

Friday, 6-20-2003: Worked all day until about 4pm. Amy and Greg came over and had me drive them to the airport so I get Amy’s jeep for the weekend.

Saturday, 6-21-2003: Slept in until about 10am, cleaned the house a little, did some work on my bookshelf door, picked up the kids from Colleens. Took them both to a neighbors wedding in Dow. After that, went to eat and play at Bethalto McDonalds. Came home, caught fireflies and went to bed.

Sunday, 6-22-2003: Me and the kids rode our bikes to Emily’s school and played on the playground for awhile. Then later we drove to 6th Street park and played there for awhile. Got them some baths and then Colleen picked them up at 5:30. After that, me and my brother went on about a 30 mile bike ride. We ended up by Granite City, then across some bridge, then on Chain of Rocks Bridge, then around I-270 in Missouri, 367 and back to Alton. My legs are killing me right now.

Chain of Rocks bridge picture #1Chain of Rocks bridge picture #2

Monday, 6-23-2003: Woke up around 10ish and started working. Around 5pm I took Amy’s car to the airport to pick up her and Greg. I took my car into the shop again this morning to fix the air conditioner and it’s still not back.

Wednesday, 6-24-2003: Took the kids to school in the morning and then worked. Was really tired all day, ended up quitting around 5pm to mow the lawn. A neighbor brought over some freshly baked sugar cookies for me which was nice since I was starving and didn’t have anything to eat.

Sunday, 6-29-2003: Took the kids to Wood River pool from about 12:30 until 5:00. I’m sunburned. It sucks.

Monday, 6-30-2003: Took the kids to school, worked all day, went on a date with Tricia. We went to Jamestown mall and walked around for a little while, saw the movie 28 Days Later.

Sick, caves, block party

Wednesday, 5-28-2003: Sick all day. Feeling weak and tired. Didn’t get much work done cause I kept having to lay down. Took my car into the dealership to get the catalatic convertor fixed. They gave me a rental car for free.

Friday, 5-30-2003: Around 5pm today I met Beth, a girl that I chat with everyday online. We went cave exploring at the Piasa cave. Then drove around the rich neighborhoods for awhile to look at the houses. Couldn’t stay in the caves too long since we didn’t happen to have flashlights.

Saturday, 5-31-2003: Took the kids to the Alton Block Party. We stayed there all afternoon until about 8pm. Amy, TJ and Elizabeth showed up and hung out with us for awhile. After we left we went to Godfrey McDonalds to play for awhile.

Payton eating Nachos

Leaving South Dakota

Monday, 5-26-2003: Me and Emily left fairly early – around 10am. Drove all day. Emily was really good on the trip. She was bored but she didn’t complain too much. We stopped at a lot of rest stops and gas stations so she could get out of the car. She went to sleep around 10pm and we finally got home right at 2am. She woke up for a little while to play with the kittens and then went back to sleep.

More South Dakota

Sunday, 5-25-2003: I was the first to wake up. Checked on hotels and donuts. Me and Mr. Spessa went to a downtown donut shop to buy donuts for all the kids. Our first trip was to some underground waterfall thing which wasn’t TOO interesting. Then we went to see Mount Rushmore and spent quite a bit of time there. The security guys were actually carrying machine guns with them because of some heightened terrrorist alert which I didn’t manage to get a picture of. Security was tighter than any airport I’ve ever been to. We went to Flinstone town for awhile and to an underground cavern. I think that was it for the day. We went back to the hotel, let the kids swim for awhile and then all went to bed.

In the first picture below, you see me doing something shady by the Bedrock Telephone building. The second picture is a paper that Spessa noticed in our hotel’s elevator which had quite a few spelling & other mistakes in it. So she took it to her room, graded it, placed it back in the elevator and took a picture of it. I thought a C+ was a little harsh but who am I to argue? You can click on that one for a full sized view.

click for a full-sized picture

Arriving in South Dakota

Saturday, 5-24-2003: Got up around 8am and started driving again. Emily didn’t even want to shower or have breakfast anywhere so we ate cookies in the car for breakfast as we drove. Drove all day with very few stops and Emily was surprisingly good for the drive. We stopped at a gas station and redid our window signs to say MADE YOU LOOK and a few other slogans on the sides. We arrived in Rapid City, South Dakota around 4pm or so. Got on a pay phone to call the Spessas, then met them at their hotel.

We went to Target to pick up swimming gear for their kids. Then to some underground waterfall in a cave. We tried to go to some caverns but they were all closed. Came back to the hotel and let the kids swim for a few hours, then went to eat at a restaurant across the street. Came back and all went to sleep eventually. The kids had their own room and we had ours down the hall from them.

Going to South Dakota

Friday, 5-23-2003: Worked a little and packed bags for vacation to South Dakota. Me and Emily are driving out there to hang out with Spessa & Company for the weekend. We left around 5:15pm or so which is a sucky time to take off driving for the day. After we got out of St. Louis we stopped by a McDonalds for Emily to play and have some supper. We used window paint to write I LIKE CAKE on the back car window and other various things on all the other windows which caused everyone to stare at us as they drove past. Emily found this hysterical. We had people pointing, laughing, making faces at us, etc. It made the drive very enjoyable. I was hoping to drive until 3 or 4 in the morning but I only made it until 1am. I stopped at a Super 8 in Nebraska and we slept until 8am.

The Matrix 2

Sunday, 5-18-2003: My brother and me went to see The Matrix 2 at Eastgate. Earlier that night I’d been on a conf and I mentioned to Murd0c that I was going and that he should try to have me paged at the theater. So me and my brother are watching the movie and maybe 45 minutes into the movie, during the stupid Oracle scene, the movie stops and the lights come up. An employee in the back yells to the crowd, “Is there a Brad Carter here? Brad Carter, you have a phone call!” She does that for awhile and I convince my brother to keep quiet and I try to explain my friends to him. They turn the movie back on and we snicker for the next 10 minutes. Then the theater’s number starts calling my cell phone over and over. I later found out that Matt from down the street was in the movie so he went out and told them he knew me and he knew my phone number. It turned out that Murd0c, Phusion and a few others impersonated the IL state police and told them my mom had been in a major accident. The theater stopped both showings of the Matrix and paged me like that. I’m sure that pissed off a lot of movie patrons since that was opening weekend. For me, it made a horribly boring movie very memorable.

Hacking RijilV’s Apartment

Thursday, 5-15-2003: Next door to me I rent out an apartment and my friend RijilV stays there. Tomorrow he’s moving out. And I’m thinking that I probably don’t want to ever rent that place out again. Maybe the rooms, but not the whole apartment. So I decide that I’ll chop a big hole in the wall so that I can walk over to RijilV’s place and say hi. There’s this built-in bookshelf in the wall which was originally (according to the blueprints of my house) a door to the other side of the house. So I decided to remove the bookshelf and turn it into a door again. Or just an opening. Or whatever. Anyway, so I do. And I attempt to scare RijilV who’s sitting at his computer. That doesn’t work too good but at least I got a few pictures out of it. You can click on each picture for a larger view and roll your mouse over the picture for a description.

Here's a picture after I took all the books and the shelves downThe rest of the shelf is out and you can see my sound-proofing job from last year.Sound proofing is gone...I burst through his wall with a camera and snap a picture of him.RijilV takes a picture of me.I still need to remove a few boards with my saw so I can get through.Here it is later in the day.  RijilV has moved all his computer stuff to his car.Here's a shot from RijilV's apartment to mine.

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