The Matrix 2

Sunday, 5-18-2003: My brother and me went to see The Matrix 2 at Eastgate. Earlier that night I’d been on a conf and I mentioned to Murd0c that I was going and that he should try to have me paged at the theater. So me and my brother are watching the movie and maybe 45 minutes into the movie, during the stupid Oracle scene, the movie stops and the lights come up. An employee in the back yells to the crowd, “Is there a Brad Carter here? Brad Carter, you have a phone call!” She does that for awhile and I convince my brother to keep quiet and I try to explain my friends to him. They turn the movie back on and we snicker for the next 10 minutes. Then the theater’s number starts calling my cell phone over and over. I later found out that Matt from down the street was in the movie so he went out and told them he knew me and he knew my phone number. It turned out that Murd0c, Phusion and a few others impersonated the IL state police and told them my mom had been in a major accident. The theater stopped both showings of the Matrix and paged me like that. I’m sure that pissed off a lot of movie patrons since that was opening weekend. For me, it made a horribly boring movie very memorable.

Hacking RijilV’s Apartment

Thursday, 5-15-2003: Next door to me I rent out an apartment and my friend RijilV stays there. Tomorrow he’s moving out. And I’m thinking that I probably don’t want to ever rent that place out again. Maybe the rooms, but not the whole apartment. So I decide that I’ll chop a big hole in the wall so that I can walk over to RijilV’s place and say hi. There’s this built-in bookshelf in the wall which was originally (according to the blueprints of my house) a door to the other side of the house. So I decided to remove the bookshelf and turn it into a door again. Or just an opening. Or whatever. Anyway, so I do. And I attempt to scare RijilV who’s sitting at his computer. That doesn’t work too good but at least I got a few pictures out of it. You can click on each picture for a larger view and roll your mouse over the picture for a description.

Here's a picture after I took all the books and the shelves downThe rest of the shelf is out and you can see my sound-proofing job from last year.Sound proofing is gone...I burst through his wall with a camera and snap a picture of him.RijilV takes a picture of me.I still need to remove a few boards with my saw so I can get through.Here it is later in the day.  RijilV has moved all his computer stuff to his car.Here's a shot from RijilV's apartment to mine.

Waffle House

Friday, 5-9-2003: Is0tek came over around 5:00 or so to hang out and spend the night. Mainly we just messed with Taco Bell and I’m not able to go into too much detail about that on a public page. But it was fun. Went to eat with him and Rob at the Granite City Waffle House.

New Car

Wednesday, 5-7-2003: Bought a new car! A 2000 Ford Focus. I’ve been car shopping for a new car for over a year now, being torn between either buying a new piece of shit or a fairly new car that doesn’t break down all the time. I finally decided on something newish. Amy came over for lunch. She brought me Taco Bell and helped me clean out my old car. Anyway, my car looks a little like this:

2000 Ford Focus

Retarded Internet Lady Part 2

Monday, 5-5-2003: That internet lady, the one who woke me up at 6:15am a few weeks ago (see 3 entries above), occasionally messages me on Yahoo. And I’m usually nice enough to her. But for some reason, I decided to try and get rid of her today:

callie: hey
callie: its Callie
callie: i know you dont like what im doing, but i cant get ahold of Tom today, are both cars home
brad_the_carter: fuck you, you retarded bitch. Quit calling him.
brad_the_carter: Go break up some other family that’s closer to where you live. It’ll be easier for you.
callie: ok
callie: You know, I could really fuck your world up but Tom doesn’t want me to. But I’m thinking I will anyway. Especially if you keep messaging me.
callie: sorry
callie: ouch i wont again
brad_the_carter: And if you ever do end up moving down here I’m going to be putting spikes under your tires. I really don’t care what Tom has to say about it either.
callie: ok

Now let’s see if she ever tries talking to me again.

Lying Murd0c

Monday, 4-21-2003: Worked, around noon I was talking to Rob and we decided to go meet Murd0c at the airport who never showed up. Came back home and worked a little more. I wrote an update on about the airport incident which is here.

Monday, 4-28-2003: Worked all day. I decided I needed a VCR for my porch camera so RijilV rode around town with me looking for a cheap VCR. Plus we messed with drive-thru freqs. Found out that we can talk to Taco Bell from my house.

Retarded Internet Lady

Saturday, 4-19-2003: I didn’t have kids last night or today so I planned to sleep in today. It’s the only day this week I’ll be able to do this. So of course, at 6:15am my doorbell rings. I get dressed and run downstairs to see who it is. It ends up being this retarded internet girl that my married neighbor has been seeing. She’s crying, says she’s been driving all night and wants to know if she can come in and use my phone to call my neighbor. I try Tom a few times and don’t get an answer. She stands there for a few seconds, as if expecting for me to offer to let her hang out or sleep here. Finally she leaves. Then she goes across the street and starts knocking on the neighbors door. I don’t think she got an answer and she finally left. I tried to sleep after that but couldn’t. So I’m going to kill this lady for waking me up early and making me tired for the rest of the day. I went out and burned a huge pile of lumber in the back yard.

Rubicon 2003

Thursday, 3-27-2003: Time to prepare for Rubicon. Is0tek and GreenGod arrived at my house around 8pm. We went out and hijacked fast food frequencies all over the area and ended up going to bed around midnight or so. We plan to get up around 5am and leave for Detroit.

Sunday, 3-30-2003: Our Rubicon adventure started on Thursday night – GreenGod (aka AssNeck) and isotek showed up at my house around 8pm or so. Neither EvilCal or Adrenaline wanted to come this year so it was just 3 of us. We had a quick meal at Applebee’s where we screwed with their TVs, then drove around Alton and screwed with drive-thrus, then went back to my house and went to sleep early. We woke at 5:00am and began the drive to Detroit. It’s about a 9 hour drive from Alton and I drove all of it but the last hour, when AssNeck took over.

The first interesting thing we saw on I-55 was RijilV’s car. On Thursday morning I’d received a call from him telling me he broke down about 90 minutes away from Alton on the way there. I offered to come and get him but he’d already hitch hiked part of the way there. So we noticed his on the way up and stopped to take a few pictures and steal all of the valuables from it. I scored a car battery charger/starter, some nice jumper cables, bungee cord and other miscellaneous items from the trunk. Apparently his tire went flat after he left it too. He said the engine blew up but it had a flat when we got there. You have to give him credit for leaving it halfway on the side of the road with the hood open like that…

my first picture of his car.  at this point, i'm still laughing at the site of it.assneck walking around in the rainrijilv's flat tireisotek and assneck in front of rijilv's car

We got to our room and, as usual, took the phone jack out of the wall to see if we had access to any other rooms. This time we did! Turns out that we have access to both line 1 and line 2 of the room directly below us. We decided to order a shitload of room service for them from their line, then stand down there and watch them try to deny ordering it. Then we decided to wait until Sunday morning for that. But that plan was derailed when the guests checked out the night before and the room became vacant. Here’s a few pictures of is0tek opening the jack and testing the lines…

During a speech, AssNeck videotapes, is0tek plays with a vx5 and Rious watches.
It was no surprise to us that such a fine hotel like Holiday Inn would carry “Phone Loser Monthly” on their magazine rack.
In a lame attempt to mimmick last years furniture stacking end, we put a chair on the bed as we left to check out. WE ARE SUCH REBELS. PHEER US!

Wendy’s suffered a horrible wraith this year. They were unfortunate enough to have a business running right next door to a hacker convention. Their wireless drive-thru headsets were utterly useless for much of the weekend. A few times they had a fat guy (the manager) standing out at the drive-thru speaker, telling customers not to listen to the hooligans cursing at them through the speaker. The hooligans would reply with, “Don’t listen to the fat man! He is lying to you! He doesn’t really work there!” After that didn’t work for them, they had no choice but to turn off the drive-thru speakers completely and put a sign up telling customers to pull up to the window and order. They would sometimes decide to put the drive-thru speaker back in business and start taking orders again but that would never last very long. Here are a few sound clips of “somebody” screwing with customers:

  • Who Said That?? This is our first attempt at messing with the drive-thru. Is0tek is mean to a customer and the drive-thru girl exclaims, “Who said that?” Then the customer drives away and the drive-thru girl sounds rather amused about it.
  • Lawsuit Lady This lady has got to be the stupidest customer Wendy’s has ever served. The drive-thru girl can’t hear the order because somebody is keying over the customer while she tries to place an order. Then after we have our say with the customer, an employee and a manager rush out to try and explain what’s going on to the lady. They explain about a half dozen times before the customer finally understands. The whole time she’s ranting to the employees, saying things like “I WILL get a law suit!” and “I WILL call headquarters!” and “I’ll slam dunk his behind and get my whole family on his behind!”
  • I’m New Here Me and the drive-thru girl get into a fight with a customer about which one of us is the real Wendy’s employee. Horrible sound quality on this one.
  • You Smell Funny We tell a customer that he smells funny and an employee rushes out to explains things to him. The girl laughing is an employee in the store. The person yelling at me is a customer. And the guy trying to reason with me is the employee that came outside.

The con was fairly tame this year, compared to last year. There was virtually no destruction as far as I know, except for the incident where somebody tried to drill and crowbar open an elevator access panel. We left kind of early on Sunday morning but from what we hear, the police didn’t even escort the atendees out this year and the hotel staff wasn’t threatening the RC staff with massive lawsuits. Here are a few surprising pictures of the non-destruction. Take special note of the courtesy phone NOT missing and the big lobby water fountain with NO bubbles in it on Sunday morning.

CNN segment on hackers at Rubicon

March 2003 Stuff

Saturday, 3-1-2003: Worked on the drive-thru video footage for most of the morning. Did some work on the laundry room walls for a little while. Picked up Sheila’s kids from her house around 4pm and they spent the night.

Sunday, 3-2-2003: Amy and her kids came over. Plus Casey was here all day so we had 7 kids running all over. We ordered Papa John’s pizza and me and Amy watched Clerks. Everybody was gone by 4pm and Colleen picked up the kids at 5:30. But THEN I had to go pick up Payton because Colleen decides to take Emily to the hospital because her neck was hurting. They took xrays and told her to take Motrin. There was really no reason to take Emily to the hospital, I’m guessing Colleen’s intentions were to make me look like a bad father in court by telling the hospital that Emily had a serious neck injury and I’d ignored it. But Emily was fine, she had hurt her neck the night before because she was playing too rough with Allison. She had been running all over the house and playing fine all day.

Monday, 3-3-2003: Took Payton to Colleens at about 8:30am. Worked for most of the morning, then the cable guy got here at noon and installed our cable TV. (Got rid of the Dish last week.) Picked up the kids at 1pm for the rest of the day. Did some more editing on our drive-thru video and went to bed.

Tuesday, 3-4-2003: Worked all day, Colleen had the kids. Josh & Lori were having electrical problems so I went over there and worked on things. Dennis came over to help.

Wednesday, 3-5-2003: Worked all day, Colleen had the kids. Went and worked on Lori and Josh’s wiring some more by myself. Finished up the drive-thru video. Amy and Angie came over and we hung out here, then went driving around, then me and Amy came back and watched Titanic.

Thursday, 3-6-2003: Colleen lied to me about keeping Emily home from school today. She lets Emily stay home a lot just because she likes to sleep in. Which sucks, but oh well. But today she called me and said that she would be happy to pick Emily up from school so that I could work a little later. Then I find out from Emily that she didn’t even go today.

Saturday, 3-8-2003: Got up early, got some donuts and went to Lowes to buy deck stuff. Worked on my deck for pretty much all day. I had the kids from about noon until 5pm. Then went to Lori’s and fixed the leaky hot water heater. Then to Tom’s and we worked on his basement room. It was 75 degrees out today around noon, now it’s under 30 and it’s supposed to snow for the rest of the week. Bizzare…

Saturday, 3-15-2003: No kids today. Worked on the deck all day, then went out with Amy and Angie to some bar in Granite Citiy that featured a hair band that played a bunch of late 80’s metal. Was fun to laugh at.

February 2003

Friday, 2-22-2003: Went to my mom’s retirement party at her store. Went to Fast Eddies with Amy, Angie and Rick in the evening. Angie picked me up to take me there. It was Jayme’s last night singing there. After that we went to The Celler for awhile and played pool.

Saturday, 2-23-2003: Worked for a little while, took Payton to Austin’s birthday party at Godfrey McDonalds then took him back to Colleen’s. Me and Tom worked on his basement room for about 3 hours in the evening.

Sunday, 2-24-2003: Picked up the kids from Colleens and had them until 5:30. We mostly just hung around the house a lot and then went to Jamestown Mall for a few hours to play on the slides.

Wednesday, 2-26-2003: Worked all day, Colleen had the kids. Me and Amy went out and did the drive-thru happy birthday trick during the evening, then came back to my house and watched Dogma.

Friday, 2-28-2003: Went to Lowe’s a bought a bunch of 2 x 4’s for more walls in the basement. Took off work a little early to work on that stuff. Amy calls me around midnight while I’m sleeping and convinces me to get up and do some more drive-thru pranks. So we went out and did that for a few hours with her friend Tami. Got some great footage.

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