Nov. 3rd, 2005|10:50 am: Worked all day, then picked up the kids from school. We went to my motel and hung out for a few minutes. Emily asked which room I was in when we pulled up and I told her. Then she tells me which room number I was in over Spring Break and which room I was in when I got them for Christmas. They argued where to eat for awhile and finally decided on Arby’s. I wasn’t sure where it was so we drove around town for awhile until we spotted it. Then we went by Target to see if the new Xbox 360 was out yet so we could try the demos. It wasn’t. Went to the mall for awhile and played in Radio Shack and then a video game store. Back to the motel for 30 minutes or so to watch The Simpsons and do homework. Took them to their grandma’s house at 6:30pm. Overall, it was a very successful first official day with my kids.

While I was at the mall, I spotted some Verizon cell phones and decided to go back and look at them after I dropped the kids off. I ended up getting a new cell phone with Verizon since the T-Mobile coverage in Albany is completely unbearable. Only problem is that this new phone doesn’t offer bluetooth internet to my laptop computer, even though the sales guy assured me that it would work. I could take it back, but I really need Verizon in this town. Plus Verizon works much better in Idaho. I might just keep the internet plan on my T-Mobile phone. Sucks, though, because now I can’t sell my old T-Mobile phone on Ebay.

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