Weird thrift store guy

Dec. 6th, 2005|01:04 pm: I was in Burger King on Sunday, eating lunch with the kids and I noticed that Carol of the Bells was playing throughout the restaurant. That made me smile. And if you don’t know why, you should listen to this.

Today I went to the post office, then the other post office, then Wendy’s for lunch, Goodwill in hopes of finding a cheap dresser (no luck) and some other little junk shop down the street from Goodwill. The owner talked to me nonstop during my entire 15 minute visit there. He just rambled forever. I would ask him the price on something, he’d tell me, and then he’d go right back into whatever thing he was rambling about. Soon after arriving in the store, he says, “I’m sorry about it being so cold in here, but a man tried to kipnap one of my girls the other day which you probably read about in the paper…” And 5 minutes later he finally got to some kind of conclusion on how that related to their furnace being broken. Which I don’t even remember.

He gave me a nice deal on the books, though. Nine books for $3.00, since that’s all the cash I had on me. Oh yeah, that’s another thing. He said they don’t take credit/debit cards anymore because identity theft is a big problem these days and once somebody did something with credit cards that cost the store thousands of dollars. Or something like that. So their brilliant solution was to stop accepting credit/debit cards forever. Hearing him ramble about identity theft was even funnier than the attempted kidnapping/broken furnace story. I plan to go there again just for the extreme story telling.

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