Bye, Spessas

Spessa & family left this afternoon. I don’t think I can possibly express what an insanely good time we’ve had this past week. I can’t even remember what I’ve written about in here so far. But yesterday was a TON of UFO insanity which I’ll be sure to post pictures of eventually. The sky was lit up with multiple colors flying all over the place. It was nuts. Drank too much champagne last night, then prank called hotels until 2am. Walked to downtown and the park with all the kids during the day. They were having some kind of giant basketball tournament which covered several downtown blocks. Had snowcones there, lunch at the hospital.

We drove to Salem yesterday to return some stuff at Lowes. I bought some new security lights there since the motion sensor on my old ones aren’t very reliable. Mr. Spessa spent about 15 minutes riding a handicap cart all over the parking lot and we put PLA stickers all over it. Installed the security lights when we got home – this time I rigged it so that when the lights turn on outside, it also activates a plug inside the house. I can plug anything I want into it, such as a radio or just something to beep and alert me that someone is out there. Oh yeah, my bike was stolen again last week. They actually cut the lock this time!

This evening I’ve been cleaning up the house. Every time I walk through the house I’m exclaiming things like “Goddamn!” and “Holy fucking shit!” My house is so trashed. More trashed than I’ve ever seen it. Garbage is piled into several boxes and bags in the kitchen and on the patio. Stuff is just everywhere. Dishes are everywhere. My office and room are a wreck and so are the kids’ rooms. Balloons, legos, DVDs, papers, sheesh. I did laundry this evening, so at least that’s done. Did some dishes but there are still a lot to do. I’m not saying the Spessas are messy, but having an extra half-dozen people in the house, coupled with me ignoring a lot of housework in favor of just hanging out with them all, sure took its toll on this place.

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