The Dark Knight was stupid

Last week, I decided to finally watch The Dark Knight. I saw Batman Begins in the theater a few years ago and thought it was okay. And all I’ve heard this year is how The Dark Knight is a masterpiece and Heath is brilliant as the Joker and blah blah blah. I actually left my laptop upstairs so I’d have no distractions while watching this amazing film. And it sucked. It was two hours of complete boredom. I kept wanting to turn it off. I can’t believe people went so nuts about that movie. What a piece of garbage. I’m so glad I didn’t waste my money to see it in the theater.

I ran 3 miles straight again tonight. Maybe I’ll be able to do that daily now.

The whole Richard Cardo/Jonbenet Ramsey murder thing got incredibly hilarious again today. I decided to write to Patty, some girl who Richard decided lured Jonbenet out of her room as I cowered under Jonbenet’s bed before going downstairs to write the ransom note. We wrote at least a dozen emails to each other, both finding the whole thing equally hilarious and bizarre. We swapped a lot of good info with each other and it turns out we know several of the same people since we’ve run in similar social circles in the past.

Richard finished his video investigation on the Jonbenet Ramsey murder a day or two ago. It’s taken him years to complete (at least 4 years of his life that I know of) and he’s really poured a lot of time and energy into the project to bring The Truth to the masses. And then today, YouTube yanks down about 10 of his videos because Patty complained about them. And then YouTube yanks down 1 more because I made a copyright claim about the photographs of me that he was using. He has to be so pissed now! All those years of work and we get a giant chunk of it taken off the internet. And there’s still more to go – he’s still using plenty of my material in his videos that I can make legitimate complaints against. And it’s not that I even care that the videos exist, because I know that no sane person will ever believe them. Just the idea of upsetting Richard Cardo makes me giggle.

Also, I made a parody video of Richard Cardo last week, using video of him but dubbing over his voice to make him confess to the murder and say a bunch of other nonsense. He saw this and got really upset and wrote me a giant angry email about it. Then he submitted a copyright claim against the video for using his video without his permission and YouTube took my video down. I figured that would happen. So today I wrote him an email on YouTube and said something like, “How’s it feel to have YOUR videos removed from YouTube? Haha, I bet you’re really mad, aren’t you?” It’s fun having someone so deserving to be messed with.


  • Looks like your gonna get away with murder at least until I release MY video series…lolz.

  • THANK you. I could not believe I seemed to be the only one who did not find that movie a massive pile of awesome.

    I think the Batman stuff in the film was just okay at best, but as a lifelong Joker fan I could not freaking stand Heath Ledger in the role. Just because the guy is reasonably attractive and prematurely dead does not magically make him a good actor at a part he failed miserably at playing. And everyone else in the movie was entirely forgettable.

  • i liked bat man and thought ledger was very good. nothing to do with him being dead. and is that guy serious. i watched a couple of his vids and well… lets just say im not ready to assemble the linch mob agenst you yet.

  • and the vintige poast card prank. not nice brad, funny, but not nice.

  • that guy is a bona fide NUTCASE,lol!!
    seriously, what a whackjob. and i liked
    the dark knight, but you’re right; he was
    definitely not true the the joker character.
    he did play a very good psychopath though,
    truly. i didn’t like the movie overall
    as much as i liked batman begins, though.

  • YES!

    That makes three people who think the Dark Knight was a bucket of crap!!!!

    Didn’t like it. And I like the first one.

  • so about this murder you commited. Does this guy ever give like a short, concise sum up? Cause I tried to watch him and it was more boring than Barak obama eating oatmeal.

  • John – his latest video, Part 36, kind of gives a run down of everything we’ve learned. Or you can visit this page for a description of the ones that involve me:

    The videos are painfully boring. I just kind of left them playing in the background as I did other things, only watching when I heard my parts mentioned.

  • I thought The Dark Knight was awful too. It was boring and I never thought it was going to end.

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