Elephant Poop

What good are those touch screen signature pads for signing for your credit cards really? All they do is make your signature completely illegible and the cashier still has to print out 2 slips of paper – one is the credit card receipt for her to keep and the other is your receipt. Isn’t the whole idea to be paperless? Why does she need a receipt? Why not just sign the paper that she prints out for herself so it’s actually legible? In the rare instances that I’m not using my debit card as a debit card and I need to sign, I draw stupid pictures or write my name backwards.

I wonder if there are people who have a phobia about using toilets that have the auto-sensing “eye” that flushes the toilet for you. There must be people out there that think that little red window on the flusher is an actual camera (after all, it sees you and knows when to flush!) and is too shy to pee in the presence of it. Even if they don’t think a human is on the other end watching, I bet they’re afraid for the machine to watch them.

My car freaked out the other day when I tried to start it. The “ding” sound was stuttering, no lights came on and I heard a relay switch under the dash going nuts. It was weird. I tried a few more times and it finally started like normal, but not before resetting my car stereo, causing it to prompt me for a code which I didn’t know. Guess that’s an anti-theft device for when people steal my stereo. I checked the instruction book and I’d written my code inside, but there were also instructions for resetting the code in case you lose it. So what good is that as an anti-theft device? I’m betting that a thief could reset the code just as well. Now I’m paranoid to take my car out of the city because I’m sure it’s going to have some bizarre breakdown and I’ll end up stranded somewhere.

My HD Flip camera is great. It takes excellent video, even in the dark, and has great sound. The only problem is that the file sizes are huge and that my laptop is too slow to edit HD video within a reasonable time span. So I think I’m going to take it back and get the regular Flip camera again. I don’t even care about HD quality video – I just wanted a wide screen camera and the only one they had was in HD.

Hey CK, thanks for introducing me to that UGK song in your LJ the other day. I downloaded two of their albums and I’ve really been enjoying them.


  • Yeah I never actually sign my name, I either scribble or write famous names like john travolta or anthony hopkins hoping the cashier would notice and send me to prison…but they never say anything if they do notice.

    Also higher res on your platv type videos isnt exactly a bad thing. The dash for cash video wasen’t too bad but some of the pla tv is unwatchable.

  • Wow, I didn’t expect to read THAT while browsing your journal. I’m glad you like them!

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