The Rough Guide to eBay

Some stranger emailed me a week or two ago and told me that they’d seen my Ebay feedback featured in some book called The Rough Guide to eBay by Ian Peel, which was published more than 2 years ago. I’d never heard of it, so I looked it up on Amazon and bought a copy for about $3.00 so that I can post it on here and brag about it.

Ebay Book

Ebay Book

I’m given a whole page detailing my Ebay feedback antics, even though they chose to display the most boring of my comments possible. If you’ve never read my Ebay feedback, it’s here:


  • I guess it’s pretty much a given that in a book for old people (who else reads a book about operating a website?) they’d use boring jokes and not actually funny ones about the Taliban and shit.

  • I can’t believe that pic of you is on there with my name on your arm. Now I need to get the book too! That’s awesome!

  • Wow Brad you’re everywhere! lol! Just a quick note to say that after reading about your
    geocaching adventures I’m planning my first. Now if I could only find people willing to stand in front of Target and cheer on the shopping.

  • wow! you’re published!! way to go!

  • You are famous! And I can say that I knew you when you were in 2nd grade. Will you sign my keyboard?

    That is cool!

    Dana, I’ll cheer for people going into Target with you! We’ll make it a date the next time you are in town1

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