Geocaching in Tangent

Biked about 15 miles today, looking for Geocaches. Had to quit when the battery on my cell phone died. Took a few pictures.

Closing in on a cache.

A microcache, hanging from a tree.

I think I’m going to bye this truck.

Hey look, a 38-year-old car for just $4,000!

A ripped up old chair with an arm missing for FREE!

Went Geocaching yesterday too. We did 8 or 9 of them during a hike. Had Mexican food and saw Knowing, which was a really bizarre movie.


  • Re: The Beetle

    That is the exact car I want and those are the exact stickers I’d want to put on it.

    Very rarely here in Vero I see this van painted all crazy-like called The Interplanetary Traveler. With all the freaks in Florida (Especially the ones that paint their vans all crazy-like), I think I’d be too apprehensive to ask if I could take a pic of it.

  • Hey, that VW owner stole the don’t-slip-on-the-porcelain stickers from inside my grandmother’s bathtub!

  • I drive past that stupid truck every day and shake my head in sadness at the poor folk without spell check… :o)

  • Love the pics! I think I would like to buy that Beetle, just because it’s so fancy ;)

  • “knowing” wasnt bizarre. it was the same old pap hollywood has been recycling from that inovative auture M. Night Shamamazam since the early “naughties”
    –the cute psychic kid who hears voices from ‘the whisper people'(dead people?)
    –the dad with the tragic past that has made him ‘lose his faith’ (yawn)
    –that vauge feeling of impending doom. (gulp!)
    –the sinister collection of tall blonde german terrorists with a hidden agenda….(actually, i guess this element was recycled from various ‘die hard’ films instead! i kept expecting to see klaus kinski with an SMG.)
    oh, and like all nick cage films, its set in las vegas and his glue on hair gets melted off in the end!

    what is a “geo-scratcher”???

  • rbcp this was fun but scary, next time I need longer to prepare

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