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Yesterday Spessa dragged me, kicking and screaming, to a tattoo shop to get my very first tattoo. I put about 15 years of thought into the design before finally deciding on the 1969 Bell logo. The PLA forum people gave a few suggestions but I just wasn’t ready for Roy Orbison on my butt. Maybe next time. Here’s a series of pictures from yesterday, the first being the parental consent form that Spessa signed for me. Thanks Spessa!

1969 Bell Logo tattoo

1969 Bell Logo tattoo

1969 Bell Logo tattoo

1969 Bell Logo tattoo

1969 Bell Logo tattoo

1969 Bell Logo tattoo

1969 Bell Logo tattoo

I picked the Bell symbol since the phone company has been a life long obsession for me and because I’ve always loved the simplicity of their logo. Also because the name Bell as a phone company is almost dead now, which is kind of sad. Only Cincinnati Bell and Bell Canada are left, I think. Everything else has been assimilated into AT&T and Verizon.

It took about an hour and was $80. They put my image into Photoshop and made a transfer out of it to stick on my arm, then just traced the lines. I thought that a skilled artist would just draw it from the picture we brought in. Not too surprisingly, the tattoo guy says it’s the first Bell symbol he’s done his 14 years as a tattooer.


  • OMG! Neat! I can’t believe you did it.

  • that is awesome <3333 i am jealous!

  • Jesus. That is hxc. It’s too bad though no one told you that you are too damn old to get a tattoo.

  • that’s fantastic. the old-school bell logo is simple, classy, and perfect for someone who has been interested in phones for so long.

    as for the transfer…i’m not surprised at all. i’ve had two tattoos, and both were transferred on before being inked. neither of my designs are particularly complex. however both of them, like your bell logo, are quite geometric, and transferring makes sure they get the proportions perfect.

  • Too cool! I like it a lot.

  • just wait…now you’re gonna start getting other logos of phone companies. tattoos are addictive!!

    congrats on getting inked!

  • I’m such the boss of you. All this power is going to my head. Come upstairs and punch me in the face.

  • Is that your number on the consent form?

  • Sweet! After reading so many stories about you, John, & phone all I can think is “how fitting”!

    It really is sad about the disappearing Bells. I worked for at&t for a couple of years and every few months it seemed like we were in a training because the company was acquiring a Bell. Yeah it’s like that whole monopoly thing of the 80’s was just an experiment. Oops!

  • Thats a perfect tattoo for you RBCP.

  • WOOHOO thats the best looking unicorn I have ever seen!! Where’s the next one gonna be.

  • My cordless phones have that same tattoo! What a coincidence. They are “Southwestern Bell Freedom Phones.”

  • WOW, I can’t believe how old you are! Time has not been kind to you.

  • Nice. Nothing like fresh black ink!…You’re gonna get addicted to tats now, just like I did. BTW, nice t-shirt, haha!! – [yep, I’m from 503].

  • My surname is Bell, maybe a good idea for me!?

  • F***in awesome! My name is A.Bell, any ideas for surname tattoo?

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