Episode 4 – An Intimate Evening On The Pay Phone

Today’s Cactus Shack episode is an hour-long call in show where I sit in my comfy recliner and take calls on the pay phone and we basically just scream at each other a lot. Enjoy!

Listen to Neon every single Sunday night because she never misses a week
Here’s a Jack Nicolson soundboard prank to KFC
You can’t trust those Australians – FoTC says so
Those guys at Telephreak.org are a bunch of hobos who can’t keep their website up, so here’s a link to their Twitter
Listen to the Do You Know Who Jason Segel Is podcast – I’ve listened to 2 episodes now and it’s fun stuff
The Bone Zone podcast
Jack Helliquinn does a bunch of creepy-ass videos on YouTubez
Join the Hijinks Discord and watch Home Alone 3 this weekend
Here’s the link to the video of this show
The ending music is Carol Brown by Flight of the Conchords – it was the next video that played after I looked up their Australian video
For some reason, the background music I was using last night (by Emergency Pizza Party) reminded me of this old Disney song from 50 years ago. That’s the intro music I used.

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