Importing Tapes

[11:31] Brad: this stupid Metro PCS lady reads me the address on an account. and she says “833 South Valley Doctor.”
[11:31] Spessa: you’re not serious
[11:31] brad_the_carter: and she sounds american. so it’s not a language barrier. she actually thinks Dr. on the end of an address stands for Doctor.
[11:32] Brad: so i had her spell out the address for me. and she spelled D R. and i said “i thought you said it was doctor on the end.” and she says no, it’s just the abbreviation for doctor.
[11:33] Brad: so i clued her in that dr. meant drive. and she says “oh!” and does a stupid laugh.
[11:33] Spessa: i guess they’re hiring 2nd graders for that job these days

She didn’t know that GA stood for Georgia either. I asked her what state and she says, “I dunno. It just says G A on here.”

My ripping is out of control. I’ve got DVDs ripping on my laptop and cassette tapes ripping on the big computer. Right now I’m ripping the Electric Dreams movie soundtrack. I’ve only got about 5 real audio music cassette tapes that I never converted to CD or mp3. Then I’ve got about 20 audio cassettes of various prank call groups, given to me in trade back in the days before everyone owned CD burners. And then a few dozen of my old mix tapes with things on them that its unlikely I’d ever find them on bittorrent. Plus a few tapes of friends and I doing wacky things.

Today I bought a dual cassette deck from Goodwill for $20. If I get all my ripping done within the 15 day return period, I can return it for store credit. I guess it would have made more sense to buy a $100 cassette deck from Target and just return it after 30 days for cash. I’m sure I can get these all ripped within a week, though. Then I can finally throw away the rest of my cassettes.

Nellie McKay

Last year some random horrible podcast I was listening to played a song called Sari by Nellie McKay. Since then I’ve been hooked on her music. I kept listening to that horrible podcast for months, hoping they’d introduce me to some other great artist, but they never did. Last night Molly and I went to see her live in Portland. It’s probably the best small concert I’ve ever been to. It was a pretty small place (The Aladdin theater) and we were fairly close to the stage. Nellie’s hilarious and threw all kinds of bizarre commentary and jokes in between her songs. She seemed high the whole time.

Nellie McKay on YouTube

The official Nellie McKay site

A Nellie McKay fan site

Lemon Demon

Biked to lunch at Wendy’s yesterday. On the way back, was passing the Pix theater and noticed Little Miss Sunshine was playing there and that it started in just 10 minutes. So I saw it. Me and several dozen really old people. It was a great movie.

Also, last night, I heard a couple of really great songs by a band called Lemon Demon on a podcast I was listening to. Today I found their website and their Myspace. And they’re amazing. Go listen right now:

Listen to the song called The Ultimate Showdown. And then watch the video for Word Disassociation. Great stuff. I convinced Altalp that they were great and she bought one of their CDs online and let me download all the tracks from it too. I’m going to buy the other 2 CDs as soon as I have some money.

A huge thanks goes to Smart Bomb Radio who played Lemon Demon on their podcast.

EDIT: I knew I recongized his voice! Lemon Demon used to be known as Trapezoid and is the guy behind the Ebaum’s World Sucks song. Also there’s a video for The Ultimate Showdown.

George Harrison

Brad Carter: i downloaded the entire george harrison discography last night. and it’s 99.9% completed. and the ONE track that isn’t complete is from the one album that i really wanted.
Brad Carter: dammit
Brad Carter: 1.27 gigs of george harrison and it’s gotta be the song i want that’s not completed
Spessa: Which song?
Brad Carter: fish on the sand. from his Cloud 9 album
Brad Carter: not the best song on the album, but still…
Brad Carter: i viewed all the peers sharing it with me and they’re all 99.9% complete. so it’s unlikely it will complete
Spessa: I liked that when i was in 7thgrade
Spessa: I listened to it on my walkman at the dentist
Brad Carter: yeah i loved that album. i asked for it for my birthday but i couldn’t wait for it so i shoplifted it.
Brad Carter: then i had 2 copies
Spessa: Hah!
Spessa: This is payback
Brad Carter: hehe. must be
Brad Carter: stupid God
Brad Carter: or maybe george harrison’s ghost fucking with me
Spessa: George is waggling his finger from the grave
Brad Carter: what a jerk

Beatles vs. Eminem

I have the entire Beatles discography. In my Beatles directory there are 227 files, taking up 858 megs on my hard drive. Their music, as a group, spanned most of the 1960’s.

I also have everything Moby has ever done, from 1994 to his current stuff. 265 files by Moby consume 859 megs of my hard drive.

Then there’s Eminem. He’s a newb, compared to those guys. He didn’t become big until 1999. Guess how much of his stuff I have. 1.58 GIGS. 318 files sorted into 20 folders. To my knowledge I’ve got everything he’s ever released. Almost twice as much as either of those other guys and still going. He’s probably got enough “unreleased” stuff out there to put out another dozen albums after he dies.

My random playlist

Wednesday, March 10th, 2004: I’ve decided to steal RTF’s idea who stole the idea from Murd0c – load my entire mp3 collection into a single playlist, then list the first 10 songs that play, no matter how embarassing they are. My mp3 directory and all it’s folders makes up 7.52 gigs of my hard drive. There’s an 80’s music directory that takes up 1.54 gigs of this space, a 90’s music directory claiming 613 megs, a 2000’s directory using 1.99 gigs and a classical music directory of 323 megs. The 90’s directory is small because I have quite a few full 90’s albums that are kept in separate directories. There are also small directories for Humor, Comedy Skits, Movie/TV Logos, Instrumentals, TV Show Themes, Sound FX and Phone Calls. Anyway, here’s my list. I decided to do 15 instead of 10:

  • 1. Eminem & Snoop Dog – Unreleased Freestyle – I probably have a gig of Eminem stuff in my 1990’s directory. I even got the underground shit he did with Skam!
  • 2. Weird Al Yankovic – Stop Draggin’ My Car Around – Same with Weird Al, I’ve got everything of his.
  • 3. Information Society – Cruel Loving – I hate these guys. I really need to delete this one.
  • 4. Good Charolette – Walk By – I downloaded a bunch of Good Charolette after their hit last year. I need to delete most of it.
  • 5. Rent Soundtrack – La Vie Boheme B – I downloaded everything from the Rent soundtrack to familiarize myself with the music before I went to see the show.

  • 6. 2gether – Visualize – Yeah, this one is a little embarassing. 2gether was a great show though, it’s too bad it’s not on anymore.
  • 7. Steve Miller Band – Jet Airliner
  • 8. The Jerky Boys – Insulator Job
  • 9. Brownsville Station – Martian Boogie – A very unfunny skit from one of my Dr. Demento albums. For some reason his fan base seemed to think that raising the pitch on your voice to make yourself sound like a chipmunk was clever comedy.

  • 10. Insane Clown Posse – Ugh, I forgot to type the name of the song. It was something from the Amazing Jekel Brothers CD. And it sucked.
  • 11. No Doubt – Just A Girl
  • 12. Hewy Lewis & The News – The Heart of Rock N Roll
  • 13. Petra – Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows – I’ve always loved Petra’s 80’s music, despite the christian lyrics.
  • 14. Jon Bon Jovi – Miracle
  • 15. The Beatles – There Are Places I Remember
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