Defcon 2001

July 2001 – Defcon 9: This year we turned our Defcon trip into a semi-family vacation. We packed up a minivan and brought Emily with us, driving about 1,300 miles to Nevada. We left Payton at home though and he did okay. We put some food in a dish and left the Cartoon Network on TV for him. I should have some more pictures up here when I get a little more time.

Colleen Here’s a picture of Colleen being very happy on the way to Las Vegas.

SlapAyoda and EvilCal Proudly holding up their PLA Con passes.

PLA Table Colleen being thrilled to sit at the PLA table.

Pinguino Pinguino from Flippersmack.

SlapAyoda SlapAyoda at the Flippersmack table which was on the other side of our table. Notice that PLA stickers are on everything and everybody.

Halibut Stickers The guys who sell Halibut t-shirts had a table next to us. They decided to be lazy and not show up on Sunday but leave their stickers on the table. So we put the stickers into 2 different stacks, one labeled “FREE” and one labled “$1.00” to see which stack disappeared quicker. Most people looked at it and just didn’t get the joke. We later stuck a sign on it stating, “Out to lunch. Please leave money on table and take correct change.” There ended up being $5.00 on the table by the end of the day. People are dumb.

PLA Stickers This lady thought it’d be a good idea to wear PLA stickers on her boobs so I had to walk up and ask, “Say there, would you mind if I took a picture of your breasts please?” and she was more than happy to pose for me.

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