Interviews & Appearances

Every once in awhile I’ll sucker some poor fool into having me on their podcast or radio show. On this page I will attempt to list and link to some of the shows I’ve infiltrated. If you’d like to read about other forms of media I’ve been on in the past, take a look at the Phone Losers of America’s appearances page.

Thought Cops (2019)

On September 10th, 2019, I sat down in the Thought Cops studio in Chicago, Illinois for a serious talk with Grant and Kevin about chicken, Infowars, the Joker movie, and Hitler’s head tattoo. Click here to listen to this episode.

The MC Lars Podcast (2018)

The morning after an MC Lars show, me and MC Lars sat down in his hotel room and chatted about prank calls, monetizing art, getting raided, and finding out that I knew MC Lars years before he was MC Lars. This show aired on December 3rd, 2018. Click here to listen to it.

The Mighty Morphin Power Hour (2018)

In September of 2018 I spent about an hour talking with Riley Mix from Anti-Social Engineering, mostly about the early 90’s television show called Phreak Me Out. Unfortunately he received a takedown order from the Kellogg’s cereal company shortly after the interview because of his podcast’s name, but at least it was up for people to hear for a few weeks. Click here to listen to it while you can.

Asterios Talks To Strangers (2018)

On July 13th, 2018 I talked to Asterios Kokkinos for an hour that was supposed to be spent talking about a specific episode of Star Trek Voyager, but instead he tricked me into talking about everything but that, which turned into an epside of Asterios Talks To Strangers. You can listen to this episode on Asterios’ podcast feed.

The Dick Show (2018)

On March 20th, 2018 I chatted with Dick Masterson of The Dick Show about all kinds of things. Just so many things, you wouldn’t believe. You can find that episode here.

Day 6 Radio (2015)

This is a show on CBC Radio called Day 6. The host contacted me to discuss a teenager’s hack into a CIA agent’s email account, which had many similarities to a hack I had pulled off years earlier. You can listen to this interview by going to

Reply All (2015)

On September 3rd, 2015 I was on the Reply All podcast, interviewed about a Comcast customer who received a bizarre prank call that I didn’t do, but was essentially all my fault. The host, PJ Vogt, spoke with me about how easy it is to trick large companies out of customer data. Listen to the show by clicking here.

Funny Music Podcast (2013)

The two founding fathers of The FuMP novelty song website talk to me about my newest song called Free Water, which is about a tenant from hell who’s going to insane lengths to steal water from his land lord. Listen to the show by clicking here.

Spot On! with Anna Hebbel (2013)

On March 6th, 2013, comedian Anna Hebbel, mother of the hilarious Ed Bassmaster, talks with my giant cold sore about some crazy antics and we do a few prank calls together. Click here to watch Anna accidentally leave the video aimed at Brad for 50 minutes straight.

CKNW 980 AM (2011)

On February 14th, 2011, an AM news talk radio show in Vancouver BC chatted with me about the recent wave of PrankNet hotel pranks in Vancouver, which turned out not to be by PrankNet, but by a local troublemaker. I discussed a few of PrankNet’s famous pranks and they took a few calls from listeners. Click here to listen to the 15 minute segment.

Sitting Now Podcast (2011)

On January 18th, 2011, this UK based podcast, hosted by Ken Eakins, had me on for a 2 hour chat about the history of the Phone Losers of America. “In this weeks show we discuss, Red and Biege-boxing, The legendary Mildred Monday, Cacti, credit card fraud, homelessness, Curtis the Super Hacker, and much more.” Listen to the show by clicking here

Zug (2010)

On December 20th, 2010, Johnny Plankton, from the infamous Zug website, interviews Brad about the PLA’s new book and some of the history of the Phone Losers. “What stands out about Carter’s work is his constant, obsessive quest to turn technology on itself. From intercepting Taco Bell’s wireless headsets to hacking into Walmart’s customer service line, he delights in finding the loophole that lets him use ordinary technology in unexpected ways — to surprise, annoy, or just confuse people. ZUG caught up with Brad Carter as he was changing a ‘BRIDGE OUT’ sign to ‘DRIVE AS FAST AS YOU CAN – NO COPS’ in front of a private golf club for telephone executives.” Read the interview by clicking here.

CNBC’s On the Money (2005)

On December 22nd, 2005, I appeared via satellite for a live interview with Dylan Ratigan on the CNBC show called On The Money. It was some kind of segment on “Corporate Terrorism” at Wal-Mart where they interviewed me for a minute or two and played a couple of PLA’s Wal-Mart prank calls. Some additional details about the interview are in RBCP’s journal. Watch my deer in the headlights stare on YouTube.