Here’s a page for me to brag about my dumb projects.

Monitor Stand: Make a flat-screen computer monitor stand out of a few gas pipes and a sheet of plexiglass.

Laptop Car Mount: In 2004, I decided that I needed a laptop mount for my car, so I could surf the net and watch movies while I drive. Here’s how I built one that worked just as good as the $200 models on Ebay.

Secret Bookshelf Doors: After watching just a little too much Scooby Doo, I suddenly had the urge to build secret bookshelf doors that automatically opened when I pulled out a certain book. I never got quite that far with it, but here’s what I accomplished.

Renovating an Old Store: Back in 1999, my wife and I opened up a business in Alton – a resale shop for baby/children’s clothing, cribs, swings, etc. To save a little money in startup costs, I rented a storefront in horrible condition and got a discount on the monthly rent by agreeing to fix it up myself.

Building an Open Staircase: Here’s some pictures from when I chopped a huge hole in our living room ceiling and put some stairs in.

Building a Deck: My first attempt at building something really big – an outdoor deck.

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  • awesome sauce.. I enjoy looking at renovations , and I must state that you had done some exceptional work considering you are a phone loser and all.

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