Workshop – Building a Deck

There’s a side porch on the house but it’s too small to be useful. So I’ve decided to build a large deck on top of it. The existing porch was about 4′ by 8′. I decided the deck should be at least twice that size so I decided to go with 10′ x 20′ which should be more than big enough for us.

June 2002 – I’ve dug one of the holes for the concrete, only 2 to go. That’s Payton with the hose, filling the hole with water. November 7, 2002 – The support beam is done and about half of the joists are connected. The remaining joists will be a pain because I have to figure out how to fit them over the top of the existing porch.
November 21, 2002 – I got about 1/3 of the deck’s floor layed, steps up and the front part of the railing done. November 21, 2002 – Another view of the same thing.
February 2, 2003 – Getting more of the railing built. February 2, 2003 – And the frame is completely done all the way around now. All the posts for the railing are up, just have to build the railing on them.
May 5, 2003 – Got the entire floor covered this weekend except for one small section in the corner. And put up a little bit of the lattice. May 5, 2003 – Here’s a night shot. I put the lights up today too. Right now they’re just plugged into an extension cord but I’d like to hook them to a regular light switch.
September 6, 2003 – Boxed in the steps. Got one of the rails put up and the post for the other one. Put lattice around the rest of the deck except for in the back where the garbage cans are. Finished covering the floor of the deck so there’s not a big hole in the corner anymore. September 6, 2003 – All that’s left to do is those vertical pieces of the railing and then a lot of trim everywhere. And that rail by the steps.

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  • your house projects last as long as mine do. i would tell my wife this as a real-world example, but she she still would want it done in a weekend.

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