December 2002 Entries

Mondady, 12-2-2002: Took the kids to Jamestown Mall for a few hours to play, got some new jeans for me.

Sunday, 12-15-2002: Nice outside today, 60 degrees. Worked on the deck while the kids played in Tom’s dirt pile. Dropped off phone records at Maria Moore’s house on my way to take the kids to Colleen’s for the night. Emily was feeling sick and Colleen ended up taking her to the hospital later for her breathing problems. Payton came back to my house while she did that and he ended up having a fever too when I got him home.

Monday, 12-16-2002: Emily and Payton both stayed home sick today at Colleen’s.

Tuesday, 12-17-2002: Emily stayed home sick with me. I worked off and on all day while she watched TV and played video games. Payton went to school though and I picked him up around 4pm.

Monday, 12-23-2002: No school for Emily today because of Christmas vacation. She stayed home all day while I worked in my office. Casey came over and kept her busy playing Halo on Xbox for most of the day.

Tuesday, 12-24-2002: Both kids stayed home with me today. I was planning to work but never got to. I called Shonna and arranged for Brianna and Meagan to come over for the day. I picked them up and we went to Wal-Mart for me to get Christmas gifts for Shirley and Colleen. Then we all went to see The Wild Thornberry’s new movie at Eastgate. It had started snowing when we went in the theater and by the time we got out there was an inch or 2 of snow on the ground. Came home and played in that for awhile. Later me, Emily and Payton went to my parents house and had some supper. Got the kids to bed early and just now finished up their Christmas stuff. Now I’m sitting on the couch eating Santa’s cookies.

Friday, 12-27-2002: Woke up sick. I stayed in bed until 10am, then I went to the post office and Piasa Pantry. That was a huge mistake. I didn’t think I’d make it home because I felt so bad. When I got back, I layed on the couch pretty much all day and slept about half of the day. Didn’t eat anything, threw up, felt horrible all day. Got my brother to bring me a Pepsi sometime in the afternoon. Around midnight I started feeling better and got to play on the internet for about an hour before going back to sleep for the night.

Saturday, 12-28-2002: Felt much better today. Just hung around the house all day playing with the kids. Took them to Alton Square and Godfrey McDonalds for supper.

Monday, 12-30-2002: Payton went to school and Emily stayed home today. She played with Casey most of the time while I worked.

Tuesday, 12-31-2002: Amy came over this evening and we had a new years party for my kids and hers and Ryan. We all stayed up until midnight or so, then they all went home. Me and Emily stayed up for a little while listening to the police on my scanner.

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