Kids – March 2004

Friday, 3-12-2004: Emily wanted to go to a movie party at the Rec Center so I picked up the kids a little early to take her. But when we got there she decided she wanted to go to the park instead so we played there for about 30 minutes instead.

Saturday, 3-13-2004: Bonnie brought Brianna and Christian over at noon to spend the day and night. Had a lot of fun with them all day, just hanging around the house and watching TV and stuff. I did a little more work upstairs on the walls throughout the day. I set up the computer upstairs and the laptop downstairs so that Emily and Brianna could chat with each other on them. I also set up the webcams but for some reason only the laptop cam would work. The ended up being a pretty big hit – they spent hours chatting with each other. My mom called and complained that she hadn’t seen the kids in awhile. I told her she should come over and she surprised me by saying she would. Her and my dad showed up and stayed for about 15 – 20 minutes. They probably would have stayed longer but the kids were too occupied with their friends to pay much attention to them.

Sunday, 3-14-2004: Emily and Brianna chatted on the computers again all morning. I ended up going out to get donuts for them all when I woke up. Bonnie came and picked them up around noon. Colleen came and picked up Emily and Payton at 2:30pm.

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