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Saturday, April 10th, 2004: Watched Kristine’s kids for a few hours this morning. I’ve pretty much abandoned the downstairs of my house since my kids have left so it’s gotten pretty messy down there. I hardly ever leave my room anymore. So I got up about 6:30am and started cleaning the house. Cat hair is everyplace. I really need to get rid of my cats. I’ll have to talk to my kids about getting rid of them this summer because I think the cats are really bored without the kids around. Last night I rented Matrix 3 so I watched that today and man, was it stupid. I didn’t think it’d be possible for it to suck more than Matrix 2 but it sure did. I sat through over 2 hours of utter crap for maybe a total of 2 minutes of good stuff. And by good, I mean it didn’t suck nearly as much as the rest of the movie. What a disappointment. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time seeing it in the theater this time.

Today I’m building a laptop mount for my car. Yesterday I bought the plans for a mount on Ebay for $2.00 which I realize is kind of stupid because how hard can it really be. But the plans helped me pick out the parts from the hardware store rather than just guessing what I would need so it was worth it. I got the whole thing done except for drilling the holes in my floor to mount it. I was going to do that but it started raining out so I decided to wait until tomorrow. Emily called me today and I ended up talking to her for about 40 minutes. I got to talk to Payton for about 5 minutes but he ended up giving the phone back to Emily since she kept telling him what to say to me.

Went to visit my brother and we ended up doing some Geocaching. We printed out 5 searches and managed to go on 3 of them. We found all 3 stashes. One was at the Piasa Bird caves where me and Tricia tried the other day. It was a little easier to find in the daylight even though it was raining. We drove up to the security booth again just to see if the cop would do anything. He came out to our car and we said we just made a wrong turn. Turns out that it’s the city’s water supply. We found another cache at the Alton Federal Prison Memorial and then one on a bike trail in Wood River. Here’s a couple pictures:

my brother signing a geocache log at the Alton Federal Prison memorialcontents of the piasa bird geocache

After this we went to Slackers to look at PS2 games, Applebees to eat and then Saint Claire Square to look at more PS2 games.

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