Spam has gotten a little crazy on my homepage lately. None of you see it because I moderate all comments. But it got annoying enough that I set up the word verification plugin so autospammers wouldn’t be able to post things anymore. Problem solved, right? Nope. I’m still getting just as much of it. It’s weird, because I’m using the same plugin on and I hardly get any spam there. So why are they able to bypass the verification here? Guess I should change the word and see if that helps.

I read something last week that said spam robots are now able to recognize captcha images. I thought they were referring to random letters in crazy, jumbled fonts with lines running through them. Maybe they can recognize pictures of trees too, though.

I’ve been working on website things again lately. Miscellaneous stuff on, such as this Captures page. It’s got a few good old-school PLA things in it. I’ve had a directory full of captured stuff since the very early 90’s and I’ve always wanted to throw some of it up online. I’ll have to make one on this site that is more me-specific. I’ve also been converting old pre-Wordpress entries from this site to WordPress posts. This has caused me to accidentally post really old entries to the main page a few times. Sorry for any confusion.

Payton finally knows how to ride a bike on his own! He’s still a little wobbly, but he’s doing 100% of it on his own now. I ran up and down the street with him a couple times today but he barely even needed me to. Some neighbor kid showed him how to get started. So that’s great! We can all take rides together now, once it gets warmer.

Sold a couple monitors on Craigslist today. The guy was a Geocacher, so he hung out and talked about geocaching and GPS stuff for awhile. He’s the 3rd Geocacher I’ve met since I’ve lived in Oregon. I guess Geocaching is just more popular here than it was in Illinois.


  • Reading books and riding bicycles? Man, you’re raising a crappy American Kid. Where’s the endless hours of TV watching and video game playing. Come on, get with the program.

  • Man, that is flagrant false advertising! – Otto the Bus Driver

    Go Payton! Good job, bud! When you master it (which no doubt will be very soon), give your old man a run for his money ;)

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