About a month ago, I was in a used book store looking for a Roger Zelazny book that was impossible to find and I ended up buying a used copy of the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. It’s the one that has all 5 books in it and looks just like a Bible. Since my HHGTTG collection was incomplete, this would be perfect! I took it home and Payton read the first book in it immediately since he wasn’t currently reading anything. I took the 2 books of HHGTTG off my shelf and threw them in my donation bag for Goodwill. I used to have all 5 books separately, but I lost a few in the move to Oregon and I think I loaned another one out.

So, complete collection right? WRONG! Less than a month later, a SIXTH HHGTTG BOOK is released. The author has been dead for like 7 years now! The fifth book was released way back in 1992ish. The new book is written by the guy that writes Artemis Fowl for some reason. I guess it’s based on stuff they found in DNA’s computer for a 6th book. But dammit.

The Roger Zelazny book I ended up buying on eBay for $15 plus shipping. For a 15-year-old used paperback! If I wanted an unused copy, it would have been $65. No kidding. It turned out to be a pretty good book, though, so thanks for recommending it, John!

I’ve got a stack of 5 books to read still. A Mark Twain that I’d never heard of until last week, a Carl Sagan, that book of crazy letters Angela gave me, and a couple others I can’t remember.

I miss MTV suddenly. That’s the only thing about not having cable that I miss. Watching nonstop music videos in the background all day while I work and do other things. I know it’s awesome that today every music video ever made is on demand on the internet, but it was nice just having them play nonstop videos at me all day. A big portion of them sucked, but there was the occasional gem in there. It’s so tempting to blow $60/month on a cable package, just to get MTV back. But I won’t do that.

I haven’t had regular cable since I left Illinois in 2005 and decided that the internet was so awesome that the kids don’t even need cable anymore. And that’s true. I never watched it much myself, except for the cartoons that the kids were watching and MTV. I think Yahoo streams videos like that somewhere. I should look into that again.


  • The new HHG book has nothing at all to do with DNA’s notes. It’s basically just fanfic published with permission from DNA’s estate. Personally, I’m not bothering with it.

    Since when does MTV show nonstop music videos?

  • That’s good to know about the new book. Now I won’t feel so compelled to read it. Maybe if I see it at the library in a couple years, I’ll pick it up though.

    From around 1998 – 2004, MTV played videos part of the day when I worked. When they ended I would switch to MTV2, which played tons of videos at the time. Then our cable package had about 5 other MTV channels, all in different genres that playing nothing but videos.

    After I wrote this post I went and looked at the music videos on Yahoo and I think that’ll work nicely to make me feel like I’m not missing out on amazing new videos. It seems to stream them nonstop, and lets me rate them so I don’t have to watch TOO much of Miley Cyrus.

  • Hey what Carl Sagan do you have?

    I didn’t know the new Guide book came out, i guess I had best get it.

    About 14 years ago two different people gave me that fancy pants edition of the Guide for a birthday, so I now have two of those. Which is more than you. So just think about that for a while!

  • I have Contact by Carl Sagan. I’ve watched the movie a lot, so it’s about time I read the book. Did you know Carl was talking about turning that story into a trilogy, but then he died during the filming?

  • Contact is one of my favorite books. I liked the movie too. Let me know if you like the book.

    A Trilogy? Hard to imagine what he had in mind for a sequel. Contact is one of the least suited for a sequel books I can imagine.

  • I can’t imagine a sequel for Contact either since the story just wrapped up so nicely. I would not have minded hearing more about the character Ellie, though, since she is one of my favorite characters in a book ever.

    Brad, did you ever read “Last Chance to See” by Douglas Adams? Much better than reading the sixth book in the HHGTTG series, I would think.

  • Nope, I’ve never heard of that book. I’ll have to look into it someday.

    I was thinking of The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams, which was based on unfinished writings of his. I read that back in 2005, but it must have not been that great because I don’t remember a word of it.

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