The Butterfly Effect

Friday, 1-23-2004: Worked all day, then went to Radio Shack to buy a cellular phone recorder as research for this article I’m working on. On the way back I stopped by Little Caesars and picked up a few orders of Crazy Bread for my supper. Me and Tricia decided to go see a movie. We finally decided on The Butterfly Effect. And wow, what an incredible movie. Definitely the best one I’ve seen this year. Wait, it’s January so that doesn’t work. How about…it’s the most original plot I’ve seen since Being John Malcovich. I haven’t liked a movie this much in several years. I highly recommend it to everyone. After the movie we walked to the ice arena and watched a hockey game for awhile. Then walked home, leaving my car at the theater all night. Hopefully it’ll still be there tomorrow when I go to pick it up.

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