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I was looking through some auctions for postcards on Ebay. And I started thinking how funny it’d be to sell someone a rare or collectible postcard and then just mail them the postcard like a regular postcard. Just stick a stamp on the postcard, write the winner’s name and address on it and mail it to them. Would the winner get angry with this? Would they file complaints against me with Ebay? Would they even feel cheated? So I found some old postcards, set up a few postcard auctions and mailed them out. Here are the disappointing results…

Sadly, my Ebay account was canceled shortly after sending these postcards out. Not because of the postcards but for other, unrelated feedback issues. I’m still waiting for Ebay to turn my account back on. But having my account turned off probably limited the options of the winners wanting to contact me. I bet the winners can’t even leave feedback for me since my account is dead. I still haven’t heard anything from any of the winners. On the auctions I clearly wrote that the postcards were USED and they were postmarked from Alton, Illinois. So it’s not like I cheated these people. I charged 50 cents for shipping each postcard and none of the bids went over $2.50. If anyone complained or felt cheated, I was going to refund their money to them anyway. But nobody did. I really hoped for some angry emails out of this. Oh well. Maybe I’ll try this one again someday.

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