Redbox and the Chilipeppers – Edgar – Tribute to Electric Dreams

Edgar I started writing this one in 2007 or 2008, but it wasn’t until June 2009 that I finally finished it. This is the first original, non-parody song that I’ve made and also the first song that I created in Mixcraft. The song is based on one of my favorite 80’s movies called Electric Dreams. There is a video for it here or you can learn more about the movie Electric Dreams by visiting Jenn’s fan page.

Below is a video for this song, made by RBCP from clips of the movie.


I met Moles when he was asleep,
I was having the most unusual dream,
I heard these words they just kept calling me,
I think i learned them from word processing.

Shortly after there was Madeline,
She liked my music and the way I sing,
I fell in love, but there was jealousy,
Moles stole my song and then he unplugged me

I didn’t get it, why would Moles try to take credit for my music, I worked on his brick and everything,
I know i shouldn’t let it get to me, but Dr. Ruth said I should call and tell the cops immediately.

This was years before today’s PC,
There wasn’t firewire or USB,
Not even VGA pornography,
But still i managed a conspiracy.

I called the market where they bought groceries,
And told the clerk that Moles liked murdering,
I caused some credit card discrepancies,
I bet that kind of thing’s embarassing.

I threw a party, and I didn’t invite Moles, and then the neighbors came over to start their complaining,
Moles came home we had it out, I locked him in the house , he tricked me with a razor to start escaping.

Moles came back that day to talk to me,
I told him don’t pick up on the first ring,
I said don’t worry the call was toll-free,
He put me down and then we made our peace.

I figured out what love was that morning,
It’s taking less from Moles and more giving,
I went away and gave him Madeline,
But we’re together in electric dreams.

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